SMH reported that a Chinese-born woman named Yingying Dou who graduated from MQ opened a company named "MyMaster" in the Sydney CBD, dedicated to writing papers for overseas students in Sydney. There are more than 100 gunmen under her. It is reported that there are 700 receipts this year, exceeding 16 Australian dollars! Among them, MQ, Newcastle, UTS, Xi Da, Xinnan... the most are the ones who have written!

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The Australian media SMH exposed that a 30-year-old business woman born in China and graduated from Macquarie University, Yingying Dou, runs a writing agency called MyMaster, which specializes in serving international students in Australia. The main service target is Chinese students!

The number of students from Macquarie University who seek to write on behalf of others is the largest, and Marketing majors account for the largest proportion. However, the Australian media pointed out that the University of Sydney is the most affected, and cheating in multiple colleges is rampant. In 2014, students in at least 37 courses of the school used the writing service.

In addition, the Australian media also claimed that a University of Wollongong (University of Wollongong) student bought at least 8 assignments.

The Macquarie school stated that “MyMaster’s income represents less than 1% of Macquarie University’s international students. Unfortunately, their behavior has humiliated most of the honest and hard-working international students.”

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According to reports, the company claims to have more than 100 "gunners" graduated from prestigious universities in Australia, who can help solve the dilemma of students submitting papers, and promises that the papers written on behalf of them must be original.

It is reported that about thousands of students have asked this Sydney company to write essays and assignments on their behalf, and even spend money to ask the company to find someone to help them take online exams. The maximum fee for each service can reach $1000. This result has led to a large-scale academic fraud scandal involving almost all Australian universities.

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Yingying Dou is from Chongqing, China, and her English name is Serena. She completed secondary school at Pittwater House, a private school in Sydney, and graduated from Macquarie University with a major in accounting. The homework agency she founded is specifically aimed at overseas students, especially Chinese students. In 2014 alone, MyMaster helped others write about 900 papers. These international students paid Yingying Dou about $16. The Australian media estimated that the company’s annual income was more than that, because students could also use cash or PayPal. payment.

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Australian media reported that each payment for homework on behalf of the company is between $13 and $1050. During busy periods, MyMaster can receive 20 requests a day. This website produced almost 1000 assignments this year, involving courses in philosophy, economics, law, engineering, astronomy, and marketing. MyMaster wrote a 6000-word research paper for the Human Rights Law Course at the University of NSW. This assignment accounted for 70% of the total grade.

The picture below shows the number of times students from various universities asked to write homework on their behalf. Macquarie finally ranked first!


The picture below shows the fees paid by university students for writing services. It seems that international students at Newcastle University have the most money! !


The following are the most serious majors in Macquarie University looking for essay writing, see if you are on the list?


The following are the most serious majors in Newcastle University to find papers


Let's take a look at the most serious majors in UTS to find papers, and those?


The University of Sydney was also was the prestigious university in Sydney most affected by the scandal


Finally, let's take a look at the situation of New South University. It is also terrible...


However, a few hours after Australian media reporters asked Yingying Dou, the MyMaster website was closed.


16 Australian colleges and universities are deeply mired in international student cheating scandals, universities in NSW hold emergency meetings

After Fairfax media exposed thousands of students in NSW cheating through online essay writing websites, universities in NSW responded quickly and held meetings to discuss emergency control measures.

After reporters from Fairfax Media called various universities on Wednesday morning to interview on the matter, many universities held emergency meetings and declined interview requests unanimously.

Newcastle’s acting vice-principal, Andrew Parfitt, said in an interview with ABC Newcastle on Wednesday morning that they were “disappointed” that the school’s students were involved in the scandal, but he denied that this practice of cheating had Infiltrate the entire university system and claim that the school has taken some measures to catch these students who violate the rules.

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