According to the "Pioneer Sun" report, the police smashed a den that illegally printed counterfeit currency in eastern Melbourne this morning.

Victoria Police spokesperson Kelly Yates said that police searched a house in Ringwood North, Jull Parade, at 6am this morning.

A 44-year-old man was arrested and several counterfeit coins with a face value of 100 and 50 were seized on the spot. The police also found a machine used to make counterfeit money.

The man was charged with several crimes, including counterfeit currency, money laundering and possession of drugs.

He has been released on bail and will appear in court again on March 3 next year.

It is reported that what was uncovered today was one of the Maroondah series of counterfeit currency cases. Just in May of this year, there was a report in Maroondah local that several counterfeit coins appeared in a retail store. Most of the counterfeit currency is used for small consumption, and the locations where counterfeit currency is used are mostly supermarkets, fast food restaurants and gas stations.

Finally, let's take a look at the 50-dollar counterfeit currency that appeared before, the five-pointed star! ! Five-pointed star! ! ! Do not insult the IQ of Australians so much!

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