Ukraine, Thailand, France, Egypt, Syria and other worlds have entered a cycle of turmoil. In the future, everyone will see turmoil in more countries. This is inevitable.

There is only one reason: China.

Because the reason is too simple. In 2008, the world entered an economic crisis, and big international capital could not make any money. Not only did China not follow the economic crisis, the Chinese also went abroad to show off, and they were described as walking wallets abroad.

Where is this wallet? This is burning bag. When the people of other countries are short of money, you, a poor man of a thousand years, suddenly reveal his wealth. I am sorry, but high-profile must pay the price.

Big international capital wants to rob China. Because even robbers and thieves abroad know that the target of the crime is the Chinese first, not to mention the largest capital robber in the world.

The hot war is full of artillery fire, so the so-called cold war is a capital and financial war. After the world’s atomic bomb was produced, it also heralded that the world has entered a cold war period, because hot wars between major powers will involve atomic bombs, and no country wants to break out hot wars involving atomic bombs, because once atomic bombs participate, no matter who triggered it In a hot war, there will be no victors, but suicides.

As a result, the big capital ransacked China and inevitably adopted cold war methods. The Cold War, or financial station, has two ways to play. One is to play against you to spend money. Your money is not as much as mine. In the end, you go bankrupt. The collapse of the Soviet Cold War was for this reason.

If you have enough money, then you won't be playing against you to spend money. Instead, use the second method of play: pushing up Chinese assets—attracting China’s walking wallets to follow the trend and continuing to push up—attracting more wallets to follow the trend and chasing the top—the big international capital flees—the Chinese wallet goes bankrupt. Who told you to go out arrogantly reveal rich.

Japan’s collapse and the Asian financial turmoil basically followed this pattern. Obviously, if anyone spends money against China now, the result can be imagined. So international big capital took part in the second gameplay. Let's take a look at the detailed routines.

Detailed routine:

Big money enters China that needs to create a financial crisis, pushing up all of China’s assets, such as the stock market and the property market, and then attracting a large number of Chinese wallets to follow up, and then continue to push up. At this time, the entire Chinese people will go crazy because of human greed. , The big savings move into asset speculation, which completely pushed up the bubble. At this time, big international capital managed to escape, and the bubble of speculation assets without the support of big capital burst, and most people in China became receivers to pay for big international capital.

After being looted, it fell into an economic crisis, so the country went bankrupt, or entered a long-term recession. There are three conditions to complete this step:

1. The economy of countries with financial crisis is currently recognized as the best. Only in this way can there be a basis for advocacy, and only countries that are positive and indeed rich are eligible to be taken care of by big capital. Otherwise, they must not do it in vain. China fully meets the first condition.

2. The entry of large financial capital. To be able to enter smoothly. There are many ways to get in. Even if China conducts various strict investigations, it is easy to get in through various channels. So China also meets the second condition. The main reason is the incompetence of supervision and the universal value of freedom.

3. It is easy to go out when big capital wants to go out. This is difficult in China. At least from 2008 to now, this group of capital cannot get out of China at all. Until now, trapped in China. The reason they were trapped was that they did not achieve their goals after they came in, pushing up the property market and restricting property purchases.

Pushing up the stock market, stock market IPOs continue to expand. This is one of the two big ponds that Governor Zhou mentioned in the past. The continuous expansion of the IPO is equivalent to the continuous expansion of the pool. The bigger the pool is, the more water it can hold, and the water still cannot overflow.

The other pool is the reserve fund, which is directly locked in the bank. At present, it is estimated that there is not such a large amount of funds locked in China's reserve pool. The foreign capital that came in that year found that China’s pools were too big, and they were completely dissatisfied, let alone overflowing.

After thinking about it, they came to a conclusion as to why they failed, because their tap was too small. No matter how big the pool is, if the printed water is unlimited, there will always be a time to fill you up, and then let you overflow to form bubbles.

So he turned around and greeted the Fed, and the leader opened up. So QE123456 all came, and foreign capital rushed to China. This is simply a flood of capital. China's pools must be filled. The price of the property market went up again. Ten thousand points in the stock market is no problem. The reserve pool simply cannot fit.

There is a sentence from China: Going out, this is what Mr. Li said. Encourage Chinese companies to go out, and go out faster, so Chinese companies are currently investing heavily in the world and acquiring.

Why is that? This is because China knows that no matter how big the pond is, there is no printing press. So I dug a channel directly under the pond, which leads directly to foreign countries, and the pond leaks underground. No matter how much you fill, I will let you leak out of China.

The United Kingdom came to China to talk about investment, and the governors of American states came to China to talk about investment. ASEAN talks about investment... A large number of leaking pipes suddenly appeared under the Chinese pool. At this time, big international capital thinks that they are a little dumbfounded?

Because the large amount of irrigation has not pushed up Chinese assets and launched a huge bubble, it has instead allowed China to have a sharp increase in foreign exchange reserves and directly purchase assets and investment abroad. So China has established investment factories all over the world, hired workers from all over the world to work for Chinese-funded enterprises, and then the Chinese-funded enterprises took back all the profits.

Most of these Chinese enterprises are state-owned enterprises, and the profits of state-owned enterprises belong to all Chinese people. When a large number of Chinese people are aging, the profits of state-owned enterprises are distributed to the Chinese people. Big international capital was completely dumbfounded. The water irrigated to China back then was in the form of debt. The time has come to pay the debt. If I didn't get a dime in China, how to pay it back? Suicide directly and bad debts?

If the big international capital is in bad debt, it will inevitably lead to the collapse of the dollar. At this time, the world does not have a unified currency, and the world economy will be messed up. Then, will all the capital invested by China in foreign countries be wiped out?

No, because China has long left behind, and currency swaps are the latter. The currency swaps that China continues to advance will still move forward step by step at this time. Once the time comes, all investing countries have signed RMB swap agreements.

That is, even if the US dollar collapses, it can be converted and priced in RMB. No loss of a penny of Chinese assets abroad will occur. By this time, the major international capital, dominated by the US dollar, has been hopeless, and the rhythm of when the US dollar collapses is still controlled by China.

As China's economy becomes more and more globalized, China will have more and more international demands, when the United States, which is controlled by large international capital, begins to resist China's demands. China can directly press the button of the dollar collapse and directly threaten to abolish the dollar controlled by the international capital. You dare to resist and try.

The method is very simple. It is straightforward to declare: All Chinese-funded enterprises in various countries in the world must use RMB when trading with each other, and China and these countries have RMB currency swap agreements, and these countries have RMB. Such requirements It is possible for Chinese-funded enterprises to do this. If Chinese-funded companies do this with each other, it will inevitably lead all countries in the world that have Chinese-funded companies to abandon the U.S. dollar and switch to the renminbi.

Once the U.S. dollar is abandoned by some countries in the world and is no longer used, then for the major international capital that controls the U.S. dollar, the consequence is that the U.S. dollar will return to its issuance and printing place, the United States.

So it pushed up US assets, such as the housing market, and waited for the bubble to burst. Oh, I ransacked China, but I ransacked the people in my hometown—the Americans.

Americans have guns in their hands. Once again, 99% of our protests are not a simple demonstration. It must be a bloodbath to the international capital of Wall Street. Therefore, big capital will definitely resist, and blocking China's leaky pipes is the main thing.

What is the purpose of the street parades in Ukraine and Thailand? Is it democracy? Not at all. The purpose is to disrupt the stability of these countries and prevent China from investing at all. As soon as I talked about the high-speed rail with Thailand, Thailand was in chaos. As soon as I met with the Ukrainian president and talked about renting land, Ukraine was in chaos. Could it be such a coincidence?

As long as China invests in a country, this country is bound to be chaotic. A mess is equivalent to blocking a leaking pipe in China. But China is not only planning to invest in such a few countries, it is definitely investing everywhere in the world. So wherever China intends to invest, it must become chaotic ahead of time. Hey. . . . . . . How do you say it?

China, can you just sacrifice yourself, even if you think about it for the people of the world. I don’t go to hell, who goes to hell?

The Central Bank of China operates four trillion U.S. debts like this, and the U.S. panics

Recently, Li Keqiang said that "China's huge foreign exchange reserves are actually a heavy burden on the country", so some people began to worry about China's 4 trillion US dollars foreign exchange reserves.

This problem may not be as huge as many people think. First of all, only 4% of the 30 trillion yuan is U.S. bonds, which means that the remaining 70% are other assets. U.S. bonds have no collateral. As for what other assets are, what other countries’ bonds and whether there are collaterals? Wait, this is a state secret, and most people don't know it.

In fact, what we are most worried about is the breach of contract, that is, the other party said: "I won't pay it back, you can handle it." We all know that the law of the jungle is obeyed on the earth now, that is, whose fist listens to whom.

Think about it, everyone. Except for the United States and Russia, I think China’s claws are bigger now! So, you know, apart from the United States and Russia, if any other country wants to cheat on China without paying back, it would be strange if China doesn't skin them and sell their organs. Even if it is obvious or not, I have to come back secretly.

As for those US national debts, we really don't worry about his default. why? Think about it, what does it mean if the United States defaults? If the United States really breaches its contract, it is a big deal. This represents the complete collapse of the US dollar hegemony and a major reshuffle of the world financial system! How to wash?

Of course, it is washed into the hegemony of the renminbi. Don’t you see that China is now engaged in renminbi swap agreements and renminbi internationalization in the world. Is it all right for China to support it?

With the hegemony of the renminbi, the 30% US debt is really not rare for us, because we can also print money to the world, and collect seigniorage from the world. What a cool thing, 30% US debt The loss was printed all at once, which is better than anything else.

So those who are worried about China's foreign exchange reserves can really wash and sleep. The group of high IQ talents in China are not vegetarian but meat-eating.

So you see, Li Keqiang only said that it was a "heavy burden", of course it was heavy, and every day he wondered how to spend so much money? Buy mines, land, natural gas, oil, that say it!

Some people think that the United States has been distorting operations, engaging in ultra-low interest rates, and devaluing the U.S. dollar, so we have suffered...Tell you, China actually took the opportunity to do a very maddening thing...

Originally, the United States initially engaged in OT (distorted operation). The original intention was to lower the yield of long-term Treasury bonds by buying long-term U.S. bonds from U.S. banks (pay attention, it’s U.S. banks) and selling short-term U.S. bonds. So as to achieve the effect of lowering interest rates, thereby stimulating lending and stimulating the US economy.

What is the result? As a result, China secretly replaced its long-term US debt (high risk) with short-term US debt (low risk) through twisting operations, optimizing its own US debt structure and reducing risks. Where is the risk? Of course it was passed on to the Federal Reserve.

Nima! After discovering China's "shameless behavior", the United States almost never carried a breath of blood after discovering China's "shameless behavior"... Then? There is no more...Twisting Operation (OT) was terminated and replaced with the quantitative easing (QE) that we can hear. So those who say that China is currently weak in the financial war will face me!

The Prime Minister said that many of these words meant:

1. It is indeed a burden. After all, I am worried about what to buy which will benefit the whole country in the future.

China’s foreign exchange reserves are foreign exchange deposits and foreign exchange reserves, as well as some forms of bonds. Any foreign capital that wants to flow into China must first be exchanged for RMB, including purchases and profits of multinational companies.

China’s foreign exchange reserves are increasing. There is no way to change this trend, because the surplus in exports and imports will only get higher and higher in China. After all, the added value of export products is getting higher and higher, and the number is increasing. It's strange that it can come down.

2. In the face of this situation where China's central bank purses more and more money, and some western rich countries become poorer and poorer, what should we do?

Our prime minister was so cute, why didn't he see one of the meanings of this sentence? Suppose a situation: when you go from being a dick, various struggles to a store manager, and then to a general manager... the person next to you asks: You made a lot of money! ! How would you answer in a normal and rational situation?

3. In the face of more and more foreign exchange reserves, it seems that more and more money, but it seems that it is getting more and more unusable, but it is impossible to deal with it?

Yes, I think of two methods for the time being: First, slow down industrialization, expand domestic demand, reduce exports and increase exports (I personally don’t agree not to tell me not to reduce industrialization, and the domestic market can consume industrial products. Now China It is impossible to call the world factory). Second, the internationalization of the renminbi will make most of the foreign exchange reserves become renminbi, so there will be no problems.

Personally, the internationalization of the renminbi is the only normal way to reduce foreign exchange reserves. As for some to say that the United States will be desperate in this way, that is not the question I am talking about now. The analysis of normal military experts can give you the answer!

In the past few years, China has "spreading" RMB everywhere for the sole purpose. Currency swaps are just a means for countries to adapt to the currency commodity of RMB. Everyone is familiar with this thing and agrees, and everything is easy to do!

Everyone is worried about how to spend the 4 trillion yuan, so let's think about how to spend it rationally. In 2013, the global service industry and industrial production value was 90 trillion U.S. dollars. The earth's various resources and land are not measured by tens of trillions. To be honest, if you want to spend 4 trillion, put it in this world. It's actually very small.

This question is related to how an ordinary person is worried about Bill Gates’s tens of billions of dollars being spent so painful. For an individual, tens of billions are a concept that can’t be imagined. Buying a car, an airplane, or even a rocket, or a house. Buying a small island in a villa seems to be a reason to spend endlessly. But is it really endless?

The important thing is in one word: rationality, how to spend the most value. Faced with the issue of the rejuvenation of a nation-state, the value of several trillions cannot be replaced. When China’s renminbi is officially internationalized, even if it shares the world with the US dollar, its value is inestimable. In layman's terms, if foreign countries take Hundreds of thousands of tons of grain are used in exchange for stacks of renminbi that you can print on paper with almost negligible cost.

Can you imagine, this is the benefit of internationalization, which is equivalent to bundling your own money printing machine with the production capacity of the earth's human beings. Everyone thinks that this profit can be understood by the mere trillions of dollars now?

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