Scalp itchy, stinging, red rash? The fault of fake shampoo! The reporter purchased 1 bottles of shampoo from Jingdong, Yihaodian, Taobao, etc. After verification, only 8 bottles were genuine. do you know? Counterfeit detergents are made of the worst chemical raw materials, which can cause cancer, affect the development of children's organs, and can cause pregnant women to abort and stillbirth! Remember, you can check the authenticity of the shampoo by calling 3 customer service.

Luo Mou, the suspect of counterfeit shampoo, said that there are basically no genuine products in the wholesale market. Because a box of genuine shampoo is about 500 yuan, a box of counterfeit is only 100 yuan! During the investigation, the reporter learned that both online merchants and physical shop owners actually know that these low-priced daily chemical products are fake.

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