A baby who is sensitive and responsive is often very smart. You will feel this when you hug him.

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When you hold him, if he seems to avoid something, it shows that he can distinguish between what makes him happy and what is not. This is the beginning of mental activity. The more sensitive the baby, the easier it is to be satisfied.

The earlier a child laughs, the more likely he is to be smart. Although this is not a completely reliable sign, it is a symbol. Babies who start laughing very early often become smart and lively children.

Very smart children are often older and heavier at birth, but this is not always the case. Large, healthy babies are more likely to be born to mothers who received good nutrition and care during pregnancy. These mothers are also more likely to give their babies the best educational help at home, which will be shown in later intelligence tests.

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Heavier babies may also have a psychological advantage in life, have better physical fitness, and therefore have reasons to live faster than other children.

For example, they can eat more food at a time, so they do not need to feed frequently, and can shift their energy to more intellectual activities. In addition, because parents don’t have to be busy feeding and washing their children, they can provide them with more beneficial stimulation and have more time to communicate with their children.

Therefore, from birth, compared with lighter children, heavier, more attractive children may find that they are in a pleasant, emotionally supported world, and will take advantage of this initial in many ways. Good luck.

The development speed of different abilities in newborns is different. Although there are some connections between these abilities, it is difficult to judge the development of other abilities based on the development of one or two measured abilities.

Some infant skills are related to their physical development, some are related to experience, and some are related to both. When trying to judge the early signs of a child’s intelligence, look at him as a whole person.

In short, smart children are advanced in all aspects of development. With the help of their parents, they are likely to maintain this advantage.

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