As the Victorian Union Party and the Labour Party’s campaign office failed to agree on the timing of the general election television debate, the annual free television debate was forced to withdraw. The only suitable video time for the television debate between Governor Napushin and Labor Party leader Andrew is on the 19th, when the two will have a television debate on the Star TV pay channel.

It is reported that because the two parties cannot reach a consensus on the timing of the TV debate, the only one TV debate before the election will be broadcast live on Star TV’s pay channel on the 19th, and the odds of holding additional TV debates before the election Minimal. Previously, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) invited Knappshin and Andrew to participate in the prime time television debate on the 7th, which will be broadcast on ABC Channel 1 and Channel 24. It is obvious that the audience of ABC is wider than that of pay TV. However, the two parties have not yet reached an agreement on the time of the debate.

The Labour Party said that there was no time to video in the evening. So ABC suggested that the debate be held in the afternoon of the 7th and broadcast live on ABC-24, but the Alliance party prefers to broadcast live in the evening. Therefore, the two parties were unable to agree on the time of the live broadcast and broke up. In addition, the "Times" invited Napuxin and Andrew to participate in a two-hour debate recently. But the newspaper's editor-in-chief Andrew Holden said the Labour Party accepted the invitation, but the Coalition Party has not yet commented on it.

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