Melbourne Race Day is here

Horse racing

Melbourne Cup Day (Melbourne Cup Day) is Australia's most famous Tuesday. Every year on the first Tuesday in November, at 11 pm Australian Eastern Time, the eyes of the whole of Australia are on the horses competing on Melbourne Race Day. People who usually don't gamble will buy horses to place bets on this day and try their luck.

National Games

On this day, the entire country in Australia stopped their work and watched the events from radio, television or live. Therefore, this event is also called "Australia's closed festival." In Melbourne, this day is also a public holiday for many people, but of course not everyone, such as students preparing or taking exams.

Handsome man and beauty

On this day, everywhere in the racecourse is dressed in champagne, men are wearing traditional horse racing costumes, and women are wearing unique hats. Many people are proud to be present. On this day, when the sky was just getting dark, the women went through the boxes and found their most beautiful "outfits", including a novel and unique hat, which has almost become a tradition.


In 1895, American writer Mark Twain sighed after watching the Melbourne horse race: I have never seen horse racing become a popular event in any country in the world. Melbourne Race Day is breathtaking. Colorful flags and balloons are everywhere on the streets of Melbourne, with the names of horses and riders printed. In many people's minds, the rider is more important than the prime minister. You don't need to know the name of the governor, but the name of this year's popular horse is definitely not wrong. Even Prince Charles is a big fan of Melbourne Race Day!

Guangzhou also has a race day

Nowadays, the horse racing festival is not only for betting on horses, but also for more meaning. For example, in Guangzhou, there will be horse racing days again. Tickets are 318 yuan, and the proceeds from the tickets will be donated to Hopeful Hearts Charity as charity, the foundation aims to provide assistance to babies with congenital heart disease. Interested students can purchase tickets according to the contact information in the picture.

Equestrian in China

In addition, Australian equestrianism has also been introduced to China. On October 2014, 10, with more than 26 spectators cheering, the annual feast of Chinese horse racing, the XNUMXth Wuhan International Horse Racing Festival, came to an end. The Australian rider won the second place in the speed race. During the horse racing festival, Mr. Tom Tate, Mayor of Gold Coast, Australia, led a delegation to visit the Wuhan Oriental Equestrian City Club and exchanged views on various aspects of Australian thoroughbred horse racing, athletes and venue construction. The Nine Dragons in Melbourne, Australia also led members and owners of the Australian Jockey Club to participate in this horse racing festival, and promised to sponsor an event in the XNUMXth Horse Racing Festival. The Kowloon Jockey Club also signed a cooperation agreement with Wuhan Business Service College, the only training rider in Central China, to send students to Australia for rider training and train equestrian and horse racing professionals for China.

But of course, if you want to truly appreciate the elegance of the Melbourne Cup, there is nothing better than visiting the racecourse in Melbourne. By the way, I wish you all the students who are reviewing well in the exam. Like horse racing, good luck is sometimes needed!

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