According to a report by the British "Daily Mail" on November 11, a Russian congressman proposed to distribute the sperm of Russian President Vladimir Putin to all Russian women to produce a new generation of "military and political elites."
Yelena Borisovna Mizoulina, chairperson of the Women's Affairs Committee of the Russian Parliament, told her colleagues at a round table discussing fertility issues in Russia that sending Putin's sperm to mothers-to-be would strengthen Russia's patriotism.
According to Russian media reports, Mizulina suggested to the State Duma that Putin’s bloodline should be given a “special allowance” by the state to win their “loyalty” to the country. "My proposal is actually very simple. Every Russian citizen will receive the president's genetic material in the mail for conception and childbirth. These mothers will enjoy special state allowances."
Mizulinena further pointed out that assuming Putin’s descendants are men, they will be educated in a boarding school similar to that of the former Soviet Union. In this way, these children will become “loyal to the motherland and the president” and form a new generation of Russian military and political parties in the future. The elite of the world.
However, someone told the media Observer that the above news was "completely nonsense from Ukrainian pornographic newspapers." Discussing Putin's sperm publicly is unusual. The Kremlin usually does not touch the private life of the president. Putin himself is also very sensitive to issues related to his family. Russian media generally do not report on the private lives of Putin's two daughters, Maria and Ekaterina. However, he and former gymnastics champion Alina? Kabaeva's scandal continues to circulate in the market. Earlier this year, Putin divorced his 55-year-old wife Lyudmila.
Mizulina is known for bizarre legislative initiatives. Recently, she suggested that all Russian Jews consider leaving Russia, saying that "we have enough problems." Earlier this year, she also initiated a bill to prohibit young women who have not yet given birth to higher levels of education. She also drafted a bill "to prohibit sexual activity in Crimea and Sevastopol", but the law was not adopted.
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