Shen Kan's reason for being single abroad (necessary to get rid of orders, the conscience of the industry)

Although relatives living abroad are far away from relatives and friends in China, and will not be forced to go to blind date and make friends, it is inevitable to be urged by nagging. The male "Alex" is particularly "Shan Da". In addition, the Chinese society's fear of "leftover women" has become more and more intense. In fact, in many countries, there are obviously more single Chinese female students than boys. On the occasion of the "Singles' Day", we are together Watch the international students spit out their own bitterness and tell the reasons for being single.

Reply one:I think it might be:
1. Chinese people are more inconsistent with each other
2 There are still differences with foreigners, emotional barriers
3 Have your eyes higher? ? ?
4 Can't take care of busy? ?
5 The demand is different from in China
6 The foreign population is small, and the population of the opposite sex is relatively decreasing? ? ? ?

Reply XNUMX:Busy + small life circle, there is another reason for worrying, looking for foreign students like you, graduated, one stayed and the other did not stay, what should I do? Go back with him/her or break up? When I went back, I finally gave up the chance to stay. Will I regret it in the future? Are you willing to break up? ? There are two types of looking for foreigners. One is foreign students. Not only does it have the same problems as looking for domestic students, there is also the problem of cultural differences, values, language barriers, etc.; the second is to find native, cultural differences, language barriers, and value choices. All problems.

But it is not ruled out that love is really going to die, so the above is not a problem. . But here comes the question again, can we meet it. .

Reply Three:The homework presentation paper lab is really busy with all kinds of things. Girls don't bother to dress up and make up. They stay up all night and are devastated. Who likes you. I'm really not thinking about feelings when I'm stressed. Moreover, the prices abroad are expensive, and it costs money to go out to eat and watch movies. It is a bit unfilial to rush to spend so much money from parents to Feng Huaxueyue. Another important reason is of course that the Chinese circle is small, so the choice is too small, and I am afraid that they will often meet in awkwardness after breaking up.

Reply Four:Life abroad is boring, and it is inevitable that there will be people who seek partners to kill time because of loneliness.

I don’t want to be the master of others to kill time~~~I don’t want to make them a lonely product~~~

Reply Five:The circle is small.
Life abroad is boring, and it is inevitable that there will be people who seek partners to kill time because of loneliness.

Foreign countries are not as rich as domestic ones. Life is rich and exciting. If we live together again, we will usually live together, followed by various oil, salt, sauce and vinegar.

Reply Six:Don’t take care of yourself if you’re busy, it’s not bad to take care of yourself, no matter how many people are working on each other. . . Who is so masochistic. . .

Reply Seven:That makes sense upstairs. Taking care of others is very strenuous. I'm looking for someone who goes to bed before XNUMX:XNUMX in the evening, and asks all the single people around me if they meet the conditions.

Reply eight:

One is lazy~
Second, the circle is small~
The third is good and bad~
Fourth, everyone is not reliable~

Reply nine:

The local female population is larger than the male population, and I am still single. The main reason is that the Chinese and Western cultures are too different. I heard the jokes they said laughing and laughing and I didn’t hear them at all. I don’t know where the laughter is -_-#

Local Chinese girls basically have boyfriends. . . Ok. . . Wait until the new semester starts to see if there is newbee, hehe.

Reply ten:

Why do male and female friends have to live together? It’s good if they live separately. It saves trouble and gives each other more space. I don’t understand why many couples like to live together (of course, if you want to get married) It’s nothing more than living together), I think couples living together are prone to a lot of catalysts to break up...

Speaking of small circles, I feel that Chinese people are more shy. They are not as social as Europeans and Americans, so it is difficult to expand their circle. For example, if I go to a party where I go, even if I know the host, I must take my friends with me. Yes, after I went, I just hangout with my friends and waited for other strangers to come to talk to me. I deeply feel that my attitude is going to change. I should take the initiative to go to MINGLE. Don’t rely too much on my own people and exercise... …………

Reply eleven:

= = Hmm~ There is a trend...
The boys in Hong Kong or Guangdong seem to prefer to find the horses of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau...
Then, the northern one is looking for the northern one~~~
= = No responsibility and unconscious break ~~~

However, there are really many reasons for being single abroad~
There is more time to stick together, you can get married if you want to see both of them~~~
Who cares about your little emotions when you are so busy?
= = When anyone wants to be taken care of, and no one wants to be the one who takes the initiative to take care of others, then just be single~~~

Reply Twelve:

No future no direction
Living a precarious life
Who knows where to meet someone tomorrow and live what kind of life
In this case, any love relationship is nonsense.

Reply thirteen:

Everywhere I go are men and men, women are like men

男女比从高中时代理想的1:1 变成大学的7:1 再变成研究生的10:1

Nima, what evil did I do in my last life?

Reply XNUMX:

It’s more reliable to go back to China for a blind date when looking for a man
I really feel that Chinese boys abroad are not reliable
All unstable
So go alone
Of course my words are too absolute
There are also reliable
The problem is that people are attracted to you, what should you do if you don’t feel it
Is it hanging for the loneliness of the soul?
I can't do this kind of thing anyway
I'd rather make it clear early
Everyone can be a friend

Reply fifteen:I just want to say. European girls are very difficult.

Reply XNUMX:After being on a blind date, I found that the other girl was basically going to the successful men on Wall street or water street, so I decisively dismissed the idea.

Reply Seventeen:In fact, many foreigners are good acridine! ! ! Handsome and nice! ! ! But not sure. . . No matter how you practice English, you can't understand their world. . .

China's Lansen is generally short, Ayoumuyou. . .
There are all kinds of small MM who only love new students. . .

Reply eighteen:Raise your hand~ China Zuowan came to report ^o^

Reply nineteen:

1 I don't like foreign girls
2 There are few Chinese girls in Spain and low quality
3 Because I am used to being alone, I am too lazy to do anything even if I am lonely, so I may miss many beautiful things and have no alternative.

Reply twenty:

If the male grows up more normally, he will have an owner
I don't want to be a digger
Or we can only be friends
Those who are interested in me, I am not interested in him

There is the most important issue. I'm in a girls' school and live in a boarding house..
There are so few opportunities to go out to meet boys.....=_=

Reply XNUMX:I just know a few men, how can I get rid of it after getting pornographic +1

Reply XNUMX:How many people can accept sex first and then relationship

Reply XNUMX:Or it’s just that the name has a master, and the rest are old and ugly. I feel that foreigners and men have never encountered reliable ones...

Reply XNUMX:I EX went to the United States. I think he is the kind of person who can't bear to be lonely. As a result, it has been almost a year since we broke up. He is still a person who doesn't seem to like much.
I just feel... I am so happy hahaha! ! ! ! ! !

Reply XNUMX:Why are the circles so small, why are all so small?
Don't expect to be in love with white people when they call them ghosts. White people are not the only type.
It is estimated that these complaining brothers and sisters are not easy to find, but it is better to be alone than to make do.

Reply XNUMX:
According to my observation (although the number of observed samples is not very large), there are no single orders before going abroad, and some will not order after going abroad, including those who find a combination after going abroad. They are all blown off by the original owner and then renewed. With reorganization, is it a habit of being single? ?

Reply XNUMX:Talk about feelings, hurt GPA! !

Reply XNUMX:There are handsome guys around abroad, only a bunch of small South Asian and Latin American men! There are tall and handsome European and American guys in the class, who took the initiative to come to get close, deeply felt that they only want sex, they can't let go, and there is no shortage of beautiful women to send home, hey, there is no opportunity for spiritual communication!

Reply XNUMX:

Alas, let’s share my experience. I met a handsome guy in Kazakhstan just a few days after I arrived in Australia, and then we got together. In fact, it doesn’t count. Even in the dating stage, when chatting, he said that after graduation Going back to work in his country, he was a junior at the time, and I was a freshman. If we continue to walk and plan to be together, I will be widowed for the first two years, and I will definitely not go to places like Kazakhstan , So they separated soon. And no matter how you think it is not reliable. Some friends feel that their mental age is so young, younger than me. In short, it is not reliable. . I think the main reason is the uncertainty of whereabouts after graduation. In fact, if you can find a kind of sustenance, even if you don't get together in the future, it's really hard to find it.

Reply thirty:The circle is small, a little messy, even if everyone is talking about brothers. .

Reply XNUMX:Hahaha, talk about feelings, hurt GPA, GPA is everything, swear to defend GPA!

Reply thirty-two:

1 No money
2 No money
3 I am diaosi
4 This place is too rich and handsome
5 Girls in this place like being rich and handsome
6 I don't like girls who like tall, rich and handsome
7 No money
8 No money
9 I want to study hard, take a good university and earn money to repay my parents
10 Gradually like a person's life is calm and reason is not controlled by anyone.

Reply XNUMX:

House + hunting range is small + Ning Que Wu Lian (or high is not low, not just) + foreign country is not reliable + WeChat shake is not reliable + Douban steamed out of reliable probability is relatively low...

So I continued to live with a boring heart...

Reply thirty-four:

Coordinates in Germany, German men are absolutely fucking good! goods! color!
Good first! ! There are also Swiss men who are god horses~ They are all good stuff. .
Even if it's handsome and tall, it's so reliable. My current neighbor is German, too! he! mom! by! Spectrum! Up!
However, Europeans generally think that Germans are boring, but we Chinese are not the kind of crazy people, I think it is just right. . But I also think that Germans have a real sense of humor. .

Reply thirty-five:

You can consider falling in love with the children of local immigrants... To improve your language skills, you have more or less the same background, not like foreigners, sometimes they don’t have a common language at all.

Thinking about it this way, the children of immigrants are like a good intermediary between the two cultures.

Reply XNUMX:

It's hard to find the right match

British men seem to be generally not very tall == and not very Chinese girls???

German men are easily bald...their genes...

I feel like I'm left in the UK............sigh

Reply XNUMX:

That is a tough question… If we name Boys and girls as A and B, the chemical reaction rate of A and B will depend on the concentration of A and B. V=K [A] ​​[B]. This is the simplest model . The [A] and [B] are much smaller abroad compared to those in China. V * [A] or V means you need to be single….for a long time….

However, the concentration of [A] and [B] in the local microenvironment may be a little higher.

Reply XNUMX:

Coordinates in Northern Europe, local males have looks, lines, and clothes, and take care of others

Plus 185+ height and 20+ length! ! Japanese mom competes for a dick

But if you feel confident, you will naturally have girls

Reply thirty-nine:There is a shortage of women in Western Australia and men in East. I feel that the reason for being single is the same as the unemployment rate.

In the final analysis, the reasons are no more than several categories:

The long-distance love that only increases pain but does not decrease lovesickness

Some classmates had boyfriend and girlfriend friends before they went abroad. After they went abroad, the environment, experience, and mood have changed due to the distance between the two of them, which created a gap, and because of long-distance love, they were unaccompanied when they needed each other , The relationship is so difficult to maintain that the breakup ends.

Although there are also long-distance relationships who have successfully married, it is better to choose a partner who can accompany you if you want to maintain a long-term and stable relationship.

Independent ability growth requirements are also getting higher

After studying abroad, the people I met and the things I encountered are different from the pure domestic world before. My vision is gradually getting higher and higher, and the standards for choosing lovers are getting higher and higher.

Of course, after going abroad, everyone can only rely on themselves for everything. At home, girls who suffer from a princess disease have also been trained to be a female man. They feel that their abilities have improved, and it is understandable that they have higher requirements for the other half, but after all No one is perfect, and girls must learn to tolerate and understand.

Warm and lose yourself in an ambiguous relationship

"Birds without feet" are talking about this kind of people. At the same time, they maintain an ambiguous relationship with a number of opposite sexes of "you are above, lovers are not satisfied", but they are slow to settle down for one person.

They all like it, and no one likes it. In other words, what they like is actually this kind of beautiful feeling similar to love, not because of a certain person, but because of the ambiguity itself.

A long time of ambiguity will be boring, and true love can only be felt from the ambiguity to another stage.

Get used to freedom, even love has become a bondage

A person is away from home, without family members, although there is less support, but also less restraint.

Many classmates found their own piece of free sky after going abroad. It’s so beautiful. It seems to be more fun to play around with friends than to fall in love. On the contrary, when you fall in love, you have to take into account the thoughts of the other half, match their footsteps, and desire Free students are too restrictive.

However, when you meet a suitable person, all this will no longer be a constraint for you.

Introverted and missed encounters, more of them have no chance to encounter

People say that "character determines destiny", this sentence does have a certain truth, just like introverts, whether looking for a job, making friends, or falling in love will have a little difficulty.

Even if you meet someone you like, you don't dare to express, and you are even shy to talk. How can you close the relationship?

Being brave and confident is good for all aspects of life. Everyone likes to be friends with generous and cheerful people, and bosses like optimistic and positive employees. Although the nature is difficult to move, but at least try to get closer to this aspect.

The circle of friends is so narrow that there is no chance of being hurt by love

Going to a university abroad is very different from going to a domestic university. Going to class here is the same as going to a cram school. After class, you will go your own way. There is no concept of class. Classmates are just classmates. It is difficult to develop a relationship of good friends. As a result, many international students are faced with the problem of a too narrow circle of friends. There are just a few people playing around. It is even more difficult to find a love partner. At this time, you should participate in more activities to expand your circle of friends.

So single, what should I do?