The sudden appearance of Mr. Cook, the head of Apple, really stirred the hearts of people all over the world! When people turned their attention to Mr. Ku, they were surprised to find that Mr. Ku’s same-sex partner, Al, is actually a Chinese again! How many bigwigs around the world have a soft spot for Asians, regardless of gender! Today we will take stock of those big guys who only love Asians~
Apple heads Cook & Benjamin Lin

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When Tim Cook came out, were you shocked? Although the fact that he is Gay is no secret in the industry, he personally announced it as if a lightning bolt struck a clear sky! Cook’s 37-year-old rumored boyfriend Benjamin Lin (Benjamin Lin), handsome in appearance, has a high degree of Ph.D. in Information Engineering from Stanford University and a high-paying job in Silicon Valley-the male gods have gone to the foundation and let them not let people Alive? ! In fact, as early as 2011, the Atlantic Monthly of the United States had already called for Cook to come out. The article also mentioned that Cook preferred Asian males. Because Benjamin was working at Google at the time, the article also suggested that Cook and Benjamin should be combined. Lin and the two sent it as a push, symbolizing the marriage of Apple and Google.

However, Cook’s coming out also encountered a backlash from defenders. For example, Russian Congressman Mironov asked Russia to ban Cook from entering for life. The reason was that Cook would bring Ebola and AIDS, as well as Saudi Arabia. A clergyman in Arabia also called for Guofan to ban the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 developed during Cook's tenure, and to switch to the iPhone 4 developed during the Jobs era, which is ridiculous.
Facebook boss Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chen

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Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) has an otaku face. God knows how many goddesses have looked down on him, and are about to take this platinum and diamond rich man into his pocket! As a result, the winner of the bid was a talented woman in the fat world-Priscilla Chan, a Chinese high-profile female student. Priscilla and Zac are both studying at Harvard University. Zach also blushed in the "Talk Show Queen" Oprah and broke the news of their acquaintance. The two met each other while waiting to use the bathroom at a party. ! Zuckerberg, who has a deep love for Priscilla, even spent a year learning Chinese in order to please his girlfriend. He specially hired a Chinese doctoral student from the School of Education of Stanford University to teach him Chinese. Although the learning process was bumpy, Zuckerberg is now able to talk to his wife's elderly grandmother.
Nicholas Cage & Alice King

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Nicholas Cage has experienced three marriages, and of course this is nothing new in Hollywood. His current (and third) wife is a petite Korean beauty-Alice Kim, who is no more than 3cm tall, but she has the aura of an oriental woman all over her body, and is well-known in the United States. It is said that Alice used to work as a waitress in a hotel in Los Angeles, and a maiko in a sushi restaurant. She and Cage met by chance at a nightclub in Los Angeles and later married Lightning on the island near New Zealand. During the marriage, the couple had many news about quarrels and fights, and once ran into the street to make a lot of noise. It's really impossible to be a couple without fighting.
Woody Allen & Song Yi

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The two-time Oscar-winning director Woody Allen's private reputation is actually not that great. The bloody plot between him and his Chinese wife Song Yi can make a series! In 1992, Mia Farrow, who was Alan’s girlfriend at the time, discovered that Alan’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn’s nude photos were hidden in his home. He was very angry and scolded Alan. "Pedophilia". Despite this, Mia, whose brain cramped, finally chose to marry Woody, which directly led to the second marriage of Woody and adopted daughter Song Yi, which caused a violent bombardment among the masses-incest, pedophile, perverted The hats were buttoned on Woody's head one by one. In an interview, Woody Allen said that his "father-daughter" marriage with his wife Song Yi was the greatest blessing of his life, and regretted not breaking up with his ex-wife Mia Farrow earlier.
Murdoch & Wendi Deng

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Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch and strong woman Wendi Deng (Wendi Deng), whether they are married or divorced, have earned the attention of the global media. The shocking news of "Wendi Deng hitting someone for her husband" seemed to the Chinese to be affectionate, but in the eyes of the Western media, it was infinitely vilified and even portrayed her like a spooky woman. Soon after the two divorced, another British magazine revealed that Murdoch discovered during the divorce that Wendi Deng and former British Prime Minister Blair had an affair, and there is evidence that they had communicated with each other for 3 pages. The content of the email "will make all husbands angry"-such rumors fly around, it is no wonder that the 80-something-year-old Lao Mo is unhappy, and he is determined not to leave a few money for divorce.
Hugh Grant & Hong Tinglan

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The male protagonist of "Notting Hill" and "Four Weddings and a Funeral" is known as the "forever lover of England" Hugh Grant (Hugh Grant), a charming blue-eyed, British gentleman fan-teacher-killer, Fighter (chicken?) among male gods! A few years ago, there was a scandal about calling prostitutes, which once caused all fans to drop their jaws. However, when everyone thought that this handsome old man who was over 50 would not marry and have children in his life, in 2010 it broke the news that he and his girlfriend Hong Tinglan from Zhejiang Province were unmarried and had children. The two later gave birth to a child and a daughter, Tabitha, now 3 years old, and Felix Chang, 1 years old. The most bloody thing is that he also has a 2-year-old son with Swedish female anchor Anna Urbanstein-(what?!) There, Hong Tinglan has recently announced her breakup with Hugh Grant, and the reason is clear. Got it.
Ferrari boss Jean Todd & Michelle Yeoh

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Kung fu actress Michelle Yeoh has been in love with her fiance Ferrari boss Jean Todt for many years. At the beginning of this year, she appeared in the F1 arena hand in hand. Michelle Yeoh has a sweet smile. In 2005, the two Ferrari boss Todd fell in love with Michelle Yeoh at first sight, and after a fierce pursuit, the beauty got the hand. Michelle Yeoh, 52, revealed that her 68-year-old boyfriend Todd had proposed marriage. When asked about the marriage date, she smiled and responded with "almost".
The Second Prince of Denmark Joachim & Former Princess Wen Yali

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Denmark is a country of fairy tales. Achim and Wen Yali were once considered to be the realistic version of fairy tales. Unfortunately, the princess from Hong Kong failed to live a happy life with the prince, and even failed to keep this marriage. After the prince offered to end this 2004-year marriage in 10, the 42-year-old woman resolutely gave up the title of princess and happily put on another wedding dress for the young photographer who was 14 years younger than her. The second marriage partner Martin Jorgensen is a photographer of the Danish royal family. He has taken life photos for the royal family many times, and met before the divorce with Wen Yali-so another century royal marriage came to an end.
Owen Wilson & Jade Durr

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Hollywood comedy star Owen Wilson (Owen Wilson) walked out of a life trajectory that the prodigal sons dreamed of-he and his ex-Asian girlfriend Jade Duell (Jade Duell) had a child, the two negotiated and raised together, but Owen did not Willing to end being single, his original words are "I hope to continue to have the right to communicate freely with my friends, including men and women." Owen really did not fall in the middle of the red flag, and the colored flags fluttered outside-fellow males, click Like it boy!

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