In mid-November, a major event in Beijing was the convening of the 11 APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) meeting. In order to ensure the air quality during the meeting, Beijing can be said to fight. The editor has integrated the recent Beijing news, and the various bright spots are hard to look at.

[1] Holidays during Beijing APEC

In Beijing, the central government and the country, as well as Beijing’s government agencies, institutions and social organizations, will have a holiday for 11 days from November 7 to 12. After the news of "Beijing APEC holiday period" was released, it quickly became a hot spot on the Internet. Faced with such a "long holiday from the sky," the friends in Beijing exclaimed that "happiness came too suddenly" and felt "a bit rushed". Some netizens even jokingly called it "Chinese National Day".

Editor's comment: One word, envy, jealousy and hate.

[2] APEC meeting room delivery service is accurate to the second

On the 29th, the reporter came to the Beijing National Convention Center, which was the first to start the meeting and received the most people. Liu Haiying, general manager of the National Convention Center, said that according to calculations, the kitchen on the basement floor reaches the northernmost exhibition area, and the straight-line distance is as long as 300 meters. In order to ensure the temperature, appearance and taste of the dishes, the service staff uses a stopwatch to time and repeat the exercise. It was finally determined to arrive at the designated delivery location in 5 minutes and 45 seconds.


Editor's comment: Deliver meals in seconds,tooWhat a great cow...

【3】Delayed express mail in and out of Beijing during APEC meeting

On October 10, the State Post Bureau informed that from November 29 to 11, Beijing adopted a temporary policy of prohibiting ordinary freight vehicles from passing through the sixth ring road and restricting odd and even numbers. Therefore, the mail and express mails in the same city of Beijing, entering (out of) Beijing, and transiting through Beijing cannot operate normally.

Subsequently, the major express companies have released information about abnormal express delivery through official websites and other channels. In fact, since October 10, three-wheel and two-wheel trucks have been banned in certain areas of Beijing during the day, and the express delivery time limit has been affected.

Editor's comment: You can’t ride a triple jumper...

[4] During the Babaoshan APEC meeting, the burning of the deceased’s clothing was suspended

Beijing News Express (Reporter Lin Ye) This morning there was a notice on the Internet that Babaoshan Funeral Home would suspend the burning of the deceased’s clothing. The reporter has just confirmed that this happened.



Editor: Burning a wreath has to wait until midnight...

[5] Many subway stations in Beijing close at peak rush hour to limit current

In order to welcome the APEC meeting in Beijing, cars are restricted on odd and even numbers, and subway traffic has increased. Many subway stations in Beijing will implement high-level current restrictions. Manually open and close the station doors to release incoming passengers in batches. It will continue until the end of the APEC meeting.


Editor's comment:Limited lines, stops, numbers, and subways...

[6] Hebei and Shanxi stop production and guarantee APEC

The reporter learned from the Hebei Provincial Department of Environmental Protection on the 29th that in order to ensure air quality during the APEC meeting, Hebei Province is expected to implement measures to stop and limit production on 2386 companies, and at the same time, 2445 construction sites have stopped construction to achieve pollutant reductions compared to the same period last year. 30% goal.

In order to ensure the air quality in Beijing during the APEC meeting, Shanxi Province clearly proposed the implementation time and implementation area of ​​air quality assurance work. The key control areas include the 600 cities of Datong, Shuozhou, Xinzhou, Yangquan, Taiyuan, and Jinzhong within 6 kilometers from Beijing; the general control areas include the 5 cities of Luliang, Changzhi, Jincheng, Yuncheng, and Linfen.

Editor's comment: I was shot while lying down...

[7] Hundreds of street shops near the APEC venue were closed

Since Huairou Yanqi Lake was selected as the site of the APEC summit last year, Yanqi Lake and surrounding areas have been under continuous construction. The once quiet Huairou experienced vigorous renovation, and a conference center full of Chinese elements rose from the ground, next to a 21-story hotel. Hundreds of low-end shops facing the street were closed and turned into souvenir shops with a unified style.

Editor's comment: "Become a souvenir shop with a unified style"...

[8] [Tianjin banned fireworks during APEC]

During the Beijing APEC meeting, the air quality assurance work deployment meeting stated that Tianjin will introduce a number of measures such as strict production and emission limits, strict control of dust pollution, strict control of coal-burning pollution, and strict control of motor vehicle pollution. Among them, it is clear that the burning of straw is strictly controlled, the burning of leaves and garbage in the central city is strictly controlled, fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited for weddings and other activities, and outdoor barbecues are prohibited.

Editor's comment: Tianjin is still pretty hard.

[9] Fireworks will be set off at Beijing Fifth Ring Road during the APEC Welcome Dinner

According to the Beijing Municipal Government’s announcement, in accordance with the “Beijing’s Fireworks Safety Management Regulations”, the Beijing Municipal Government has decided to light fireworks at designated places within the Fifth Ring Road during the welcome dinner and preview of the 2014 APEC Leaders’ Informal Meeting.



Having been busy for so long and doing so many things, then what is the air quality in Beijing in the end? Please see the next one:

[10] China Meteorological Administration: Haze is expected in Beijing for 4 days during APEC



Editor's comment:Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Finally, I will share a picture with you:


APEC reception car: Hongqi L6, priced at 600 million RMB. Look closely at the headlights and eyelashes!

Friends in Beijing, if you feel that these news are too bright after reading them together, please help me to forward it to the editor, hahaha.