An important advantage of studying in Australia compared to studying in other regions is that the Australian government provides PSW visas ranging from 2-4 years to students after graduation from Australia, namely Post-study work visas, also known as work visas. During the working visa period, students can study and work. It is precisely because of a PSW visa that students have the opportunity to work after graduation in Australia. Having work experience has two very important functions: XNUMX. Increase immigration to Australia The possibility (please participate in work experience bonus points and employer sponsored immigration); XNUMX. Bring work experience back to China, more competitive.

[The difference between PSW visa and 485 visa]:

The biggest difference between the PSW policy and the previous 485 visa is that applicants do not need to be nominated according to the SOL occupation list of skilled immigration, which is applicable to students of any major. This new policy greatly encourages international students to choose majors based on their own advantages and interests, provides space for international students to rationally choose majors, and gives graduates of different majors an equal work visa platform.

[What are the conditions for applying for this visa?]:

1. Applicants must apply for a student visa for the first time after November 2011, 11;

2. Applicants must obtain a bachelor's degree, master's degree or doctorate degree from an Australian school;

3. Applicants must continue to study for 2 years (i.e. 92 weeks) in Australia;

4. Applicants must have completed no less than 16 months of study in Australia according to law;

5. The courses taken by the applicant must be taught in English;

6. The course that the applicant is studying must be registered on the "Australian Federal Government Enrollment of Overseas Students Colleges and Courses Registration (CRICOS)";

7. The applicant's English proficiency must reach four 6-point IELTS levels;

8. Applicants must submit this visa application within 6 months of obtaining a qualified degree certificate;

9. Applicants must be in Australia when applying for this visa;

10. Applicants must be under 50 years old;

[What should students pay attention to when applying?]:

If you want to successfully obtain this visa, you need to understand the specific rules of the above conditions in detail to avoid delay in your application. Here, I will further analyze the details of these conditions in the form of examples to help everyone better understand this New Deal.

1. Questions about the 2-year section chief

1) The Immigration Bureau will be based on the section chief registered on CRICOS

Example: A student completed a degree course in 92 weeks, but the length of the course registered on CRICOS is 78 weeks. In this case, the Immigration Department only recognizes 78 weeks of study time.

2) By obtaining multiple academic certificates, the total length of study reaches 2 years

Example: If a student completes a postgraduate diploma course in education and joins a master’s degree course in education, then the student’s GD course can be included in 2 years of credit hours; if a student completes a postgraduate diploma course in education and joins it To an engineering master’s degree course, then the student’s GD course will not be counted into the 2-year credit hours; if a student completes a one-and-a-half-year master’s degree and then completes another one-and-a-half-year GD course GD courses are not counted in the 1-year academic hours.

3) Language courses are not counted in 2 years.

2. Questions about at least 16 months

The study time of overlapping courses will not be double-counted

Example: A student has completed a Master of Finance and a Master of Accounting. If there are overlapping courses, the study time of the overlapping courses cannot be counted multiple times, but can only be counted once.

3. Questions about applying within 6 months

Applicants must submit this visa application within 6 months of the end of the course. The end date should not be confused with the date of the academic certificate award. The end date required by the Immigration Bureau refers to the day when Australian institutions publicly notify students that they have completed the study requirements and can be granted graduation qualifications. This notice can be in the form of a letter, publication in newspapers, publication on the Internet or e-mail.

At the beginning of this year, the Australian authorities announced the abolition of the 2-4 year graduation work visa for students. In addition to undergraduate and master's courses for more than 2 years, students only need to study courses for more than 2 years. For example, students studying two 2-year master's courses, or domestic sophomores who transfer to Australia to study 1.5-year undergraduate and +1.5-year master's courses, can use the PSW policy to stay and work in Australia, which greatly increases the student's return on studying abroad.

4. About IELTS 4 6-point questions

Applicants must have an IELTS score of no less than 4 in 6 individual subjects, and the IELTS score must be obtained within 3 years before submitting the visa application.

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