Although on the day when the news of Chen Tong’s departure from Sina came out, there were positive voices saying that his next home was Xiaomi, Li Wanqiang also received a coercive question about "whether Chen Tong defected to Xiaomi" at an event, and did not explicitly deny it. It was vaguely mentioned, but it was not until Lei Jun personally led Chen Tong to meet with various media that the industry's heavyweight gossip was finally settled.

Fortunately, Wang Chuan, the co-founder of Xiaomi, also appeared with the two of them. Otherwise, seeing Lei Jun and Chen Tong wearing the same red sweater, their faces were full of joy.People might think that Lei Jun is going to fight Tim Cook this time.

In addition to friendship, Xiaomi’s growing desire for talents is also an important reason for Chen Tong’s turning point in his career. As for the high-profile “500 million annual salary” in the rumors—not only “not so much”, Chen Tong also specifically emphasized that it is a number that “speak out you may not believe it”—so obviously, the generous compensation for equity is also In reason, Lei Jun himself said on Weibo, “The biggest asset of entrepreneurs is actually dreams and 100% equity...The most precious equity is exchanged for talents, capital and resources. This is the entrepreneurial process!"

On the other hand, Lei Jun recruited Chen Tong under his command, and at the same time, he also mastered an asset that could increase in value. According to the gossip, many departments of Sina have also left a group of middle-level backbones and are keen to follow Chen Tong to the end.

As a leading former media person, what Chen Tong is in charge of at Xiaomi is not market public relations—this path has been transformed by media professionals who choose the most—but “content investment and content operation”. This positioning is also more unexpected to the public, because Even if Xiaomi claims it is regarded as an Internet eco-company, stepping out of the role of a platform to intervene in the relatively downstream content industry, it does not seem so important from a capital perspective.

So is there any other reason why Lei Jun thinks this position is suitable for Chen Tong to exert his greatest personal value?

There are at least three.

One is the risk aversion of industry policies.

Chen Tong's primary task is to build the video content of Xiaomi TV and Xiaomi box. This is a high-risk area nowadays. Even if it contains a huge amount of gold, if you don't pay attention, it will be lost forever.

The founder of LeTV, Jia Yueting, who has not yet dared to return to China, just accepted a phone interview from the media. His sentence is quite black and humorous: "We must not say that we are subverting the radio and television industry, because our model and radio and television are actually very complementary" — -You know, he and his LeTV once enjoyed the title of "subversive" the most-this subtle reversal of the attitude shows that the water is in dire straits.

The success of Sina Portal is largely attributable to its solid government relations, and the tacit understanding between Sina and the government has a lot to do with Chen Tong. Mao Daolin is a special case.

In the words of a senior editor from Sina, “Chen Tong knows the bottom line of content better than anyone, what can be done and what can’t be done, or who will be unhappy if he does it. This ruler is Chen Tong. Everything will be drawn down in Sina inch by inch."

In the eyes of the Department of Radio, Film and Television, the political level of television media is much higher than that of Internet media. This cognition has no scientific rationale, and even has a cold war color. However, there are rumors that once TV content accidents occur, the consequences are very "terrible."

This is also the reason why the living environment of Internet TV and boxes has become more and more difficult since 2013. In this field, there is no game or temptation. As the pressure of control increases, how TVs connect to the Internet and what content users have the right to exchange will become difficult topics that prevent major smart TV manufacturers from moving toward home entertainment centers. .

Lei Jun said frankly that Xiaomi’s executive team is mostly technical men, and may have a good relationship with some local governments on the way to grow bigger, but in Beijing, it’s not that you can take it all if you have a resume of “teaching to the general secretary” All ministries and commissions, any time a document is stuck, Xiaomi's investment in smart TVs is at risk of being squandered.

Chen Tong used his long-term experience in dealing with content regulatory agencies and the network resources accumulated through XNUMX years of service on Sina to help Xiaomi identify the policy reefs of the TV industry. Naturally, it is not difficult for him, but if he is changed, it will be true. Hard to say.

The second is to act as a copyright buyer.

Most companies that are committed to building an Internet platform expect senior media professionals to help them structure their content procurement direction.

Especially in the video industry, the era of UGC is drifting away. Once copyrighted content with sufficient insight is introduced, it is possible to cause quantitative and qualitative changes in star ratings. Former Phoenix Satellite TV Chinese Channel Executive Director Liu Chun airborne Sohu Video, Tian Yu's "draft godmother" defected to Shanda are typical cases.

All online video platforms are looking forward to the next "You from the Star".

In other words, this is highly unified in form with the online media’s right to speak. It used to be “selecting news from massive amounts of information, modifying headlines, and composing news, and deciding what kind of news is on the front screen and what kind of pictures to do. "Focus pictures", the future is to replace news with videos and find copyrighted content that best fits the target audience of Xiaomi TV.

The vice president of Sina is a buyer of news, and the vice president of Xiaomi is a buyer of videos. Both are the needs generated by the focus of the media, and the working methods are also inherited.

Chen Tong also has a video complex. He once mastered Sina Video and wanted to replicate the mode of video news (the original saying is "Video news is the focus of online media competition"), so as to increase the traffic of Sina portal, but Sina Video's roots are weak, several times The revision also used a lot of Weibo resources, but it just couldn't get up.

At Xiaomi, in addition to directly purchasing copyrighted content, how to cooperate with other copyright third parties and licensed content providers is also a business that Chen Tong will be responsible for. Smart TV cannot become a beautiful empty shell. This is also the consensus of the entire industry. .

Finally, help Xiaomi improve its relationship with the media.

To put it bluntly, Xiaomi’s operations on social media and fan communities are unmatched by its peers. However, in comparison, the relationship between Xiaomi and normal media is almost a failure. There are media crises behind Xiaomi’s public opinion crisis. Many media practitioners have not concealed their dislike of Xiaomi, and it is common to get into trouble.

In short, it is the polarization of word-of-mouth: user word-of-mouth is excellent (Mihei don't have to deliberately deny this assertion), media word-of-mouth is extremely poor.

A bad relationship with the media will not affect the sales of Xiaomi products too deeply-fans are blind, and as long as marketing is in place, the negative from the media will only promote their firmer support-but if you put your perspective on High, from the perspective of the brand, the inability to please the media will cause hidden dangers in the future, that is, if Xiaomi goes public one day, it will have to pay attention to the media.

Xiaomi’s public relations team is not very dependent on suppliers, and all the gameplay is self-made. In other words, although they are born in the media, they are not very good at lowering because they live in Xiaomi’s four-year XNUMX billion miracle ship. When I play with the media, I can’t judge the needs of the media in many cases. I just simply do black and white classification. This kind of rough media response has many problems.

Chen Tong’s status in the media circle and his old manners helped Xiaomi improve its role in the media chain. According to Lin Jun’s gossip, Ma Huateng could not scold Zhou Hongyi in the air, and when he had to ask Lei Jun for advice, the latter recommended it. The thing is to ask Ma to ask Chen Tong for help.

Lei Jun knew Chen Tong's ability.

In the end, in any case, Sina’s Chen Tong is over, Xiaomi’s Chen Tong has just begun. If he comes for another seventeen years, he will truly become an epic legend. As for the military order that "the content of the Mi TV and the box will undergo a "sharp change" within half a year, I am not afraid, if it is too difficult to find, add a new name called "sharp change" to the remote control of the Xiaomi TV. Button, isn't it solved?