Faith makes people think about why they are alive

What is faith? Generally speaking, it is to believe that something is true. Russian writer Tolstoy once said this: The so-called believer is a person who thinks about why people live every day.

There is a famous science fiction writer in the United States called Asimov. He meets and presides over meetings with his colleagues in the American science fiction community every month. Every time he asks the science fiction writers participating in the salon a question: "You continue to live now. What is the reason?" Everyone must have a different answer. If you didn't think about this issue, Asimov would say: "I can't give you food at noon today." In fact, he is inspiring each of us to reflect our own value.

From the concept of success, the so-called believers refer to those who will not change their life goals at will due to changes in their emotions. From the perspective of Judaism, the so-called believers have six meanings: first, speak with integrity; second, do things with integrity; third, do not lie; fourth, refuse to accept bribes; fifth, close your eyes and see no evil Sixth, shut your ears to ugly stories. When a nation has faith and regards learning as a kind of faith, this nation has hope.

The Jews believe that there must be at least four or more statements about a matter. To give a very simple example, mine is mine, yours is yours, this is ordinary people; mine is yours, and yours is mine. Yes, this is stupid; yours is yours, mine is yours, this is a saint; mine is mine, yours is mine, this is a bad person.

A thinker who is good at reflection

The Jews have four "Bibles", the first is "Tala", the second is "Tanakh", the third is "Talmud", and the fourth is "Kabbalah."

Among them, "Tla" is the foundation of the entire world, laying down the laws and disciplines of the Jews; "Tanakh" is the Jewish life bible, allowing Jews to learn to live, "Talmud" is the core, allowing Jews to learn to think about problems; "Kabbalah" is a training course related to the mystical views of rabbi Judaism, used to explain the relationship between the eternal and mysterious Creator and the short and finite universe.

According to Talmud, the quality of a family depends on a woman. If a bad woman marries a good husband, then the good husband will also become a bad husband, and a bad husband will marry a good woman. , This bad husband will become a good husband. From the perspective of the family, the Jews believe that the father cultivates the child’s white blood cells, which is his bones and spirit, while the mother cultivates the child’s red blood cells, which is his emotions, his delicacy, his love for people, and his emotional intelligence. .

So the Jews said that parents educating their children is like a rooster and a hen hatching an egg. The rooster hatches once and the hen hatches again, but not at the same time. This is their law and tradition. Here, I am not criticizing women or men, but telling us that everyone has shortcomings, and whoever can overcome his own vices is the strong.

In this world, there are several Jews who have made contributions to mankind. The first is Jesus. He attributed everything to the commandments and formulated the Ten Commandments of Moses, which is the eternal moral foundation of mankind. Jesus attributed all suffering to sin. Man is imperfect and lacks the glory of God. This also makes us Learn to repent, reflect and introspect.

The second is Einstein. He has two sentences that have a great influence on me: the first sentence, "I have been against authority all my life, unfortunately I have become authority myself." This is a paradox; the second sentence, "I remind myself hundreds of times a day, not to take up the fruits of other people's labor too much." Einstein is not only a great scientist, but also a great educator and thinker. He has the most famous educational motto: "Imagination is richer than knowledge."

The third one is Freud. Freud attributed everything to sex, and believed that human creativity comes from the "libido" of human beings, also known as "desire", "sexuality", and "mind power". In the end, he summarized this sublimation into id, ego and superego.

From the perspective of the id, the essence of education is to shape the essence of people, that is, personality and wisdom. Knowing God is the beginning of wisdom. God is the life of truth, and the soul is self-interested in the self, and everyone lives for themselves.

"Talmud" says that if we don't serve ourselves, who will serve us? If we are only for ourselves, what have we become? So he said that people must change from self-interest to others, which is the conscience of people. The highest pursuit of man is the superego, which is called introspection. I once said that a soulless person will never repent. It is called "repentance" in Catholic words, "repentance" in Christian words, and "introspection" in Chinese words. Confucius also said, "A gentleman is knowledgeable and considers himself. , Then knowing and doing it without fail."

Jewish female thinker Hannah Arendt wrote a book called "Eichmann of Jerusalem". She believes that demons are always mediocre. The demons include Hitler, because he never has an empty and sad psychology and always believes that what he said is correct, so he will always face the whole world and mankind in one way, he will never change himself, and this kind of never People who can change themselves, have no time for grief and self-righteousness are mediocre. And those truly outstanding and great people are good at self-reflection, good at changing their old ideas, and then improving themselves. Such talents are true thinkers.

Jewish wisdom + Chinese wisdom = 11

Do you know who the president of Microsoft is now? Ballmer, just came to Tsinghua to give a speech. Anyone who surfs the Internet knows the founder of Google, Sergey, who is now the most famous Harvard University graduate and the youngest billionaire in the world. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and the founder of Estee Lauder...These are all Jewish.

In addition, our four blood types, chlorophyll synthesis, ampicillin and streptomycin were also discovered by Jews. Therefore, Jews are definitely a very creative nation, including Picasso, Matisse, Milan Kundera, etc. The best in various fields The characters are all Jewish, which is why we study them.

Of course, I am not preaching how smart the Jews are, but first we affirm that they are smart, and then study why they are smart and how to graft Jewish wisdom with Chinese wisdom. Therefore, my conclusion is that Jewish wisdom plus Chinese wisdom equals greater wisdom, that is, 1+1=11.

Why do you say that you must learn Jews if you want to become a world elite? This is because the Jewish cultural traditions are true to the human spirit and soul. Authoritative research data counts the occupation of the fathers of Nobel Prize winners from 1958 to 2008. Among all the Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine, 8.1% were born to workers and peasant families, and were born to officials. The proportion of families of civil servants, military officers and military officers accounted for only 5.7%, and the proportion of those who were born in industrial and commercial enterprises and entrepreneurs accounted for 37%. Most Nobel Prize winners were born in intellectual families, that is, those who were born in the families of doctors, lawyers and teachers. 49.2% of the winners.

Why is this happening? Because intellectual families generally respect knowledge, children who grow up in this family atmosphere have a strong thirst for knowledge, curiosity, and creativity. Why are industrial and commercial households higher? Because they are willing to spend money on their children, they are willing to provide them with more learning opportunities, use better educational resources, and let their children be more knowledgeable, open-minded and competitive. Why is the proportion of worker and peasant families the lowest? It is due to the constraints of economic conditions.

But the strange thing is that officials and civil servants are not short of money. Why can't they train Nobel Prize winners? Because the sense of superiority in them affects children subtly. In China, being an official is a great thing, so the "my dad is Li Gang" incident occurred.

"Crisis" wisdom is more important than money

The great prophets are basically Jews, such as Alvin Toffler, Nostradamus, Jesus, Moses, and Kissinger and other think tanks are all Jews. Why do they prophesy? Because they have a sense of crisis, they are concerned about the future.

A friend of mine predicted that the earth will be destroyed in a hundred years. Why? Because the rapid industrial development has overwhelmed the earth, this is the crux of the problem. If everyone lives uncontrollably and magnifies their desires infinitely, the earth will definitely be destroyed. In the United States today, the three qualities that people admire most are success, wealth, and Jews.

This is no accident. "The wealth of the world is in the Jews' pockets, and the Jews' wealth is in their heads." Wisdom is in the head.

In the ranking of the richest Americans published by Forbes magazine, 45% are Jewish; 20% of the teachers in American universities are Jewish. More than 70% of the Nobel Prize winners in the world are Americans, while 31% of the Nobel Prize winners are Jewish. Jews make up 2% of the total population of the United States and 0.02% of the world’s total population. This is the elite we are talking about.

In 1923, a conference was held in Chicago, USA. The attendees were leaders in every industry, including the president of the nation’s largest power company, the president of the nation’s largest steel company, the president of the nation’s largest gas company, the president of the New York Stock Exchange, The Secretary of the U.S. Federal Government, the president of the nation's largest transportation company, the president of International Bank of Commerce, and two top Wall Street investors. This gathering is to discuss how to create more wealth.

Twenty-six years later, someone did a follow-up survey and was surprised to find that the president of the nation’s largest electric power company died on an isolated island in a foreign country after bankruptcy; the president of the nation’s largest steel company survived on borrowing five years before his death; the nation’s largest gas company The president of Xia became a mentally ill and was detained in a lunatic asylum; the president of the New York Stock Exchange had just been released from prison; the minister of the federal government was pardoned by the president and died at home; the other wealthy men all committed suicide. Holy.

Most people became slaves to wealth, not only did not get the key to heaven after death, but also lived in hell before his death. And this story tells us that money is not the source of happiness, living for money is the greatest sorrow of life. Of course, I am not disparaging money, because in the eyes of the Jews, they also advocate getting rich, but the core idea of ​​the Jews is that being rich does not mean success. Real success is to have knowledge and wisdom, culture and intelligence. Money is longer.

Child, need a window looking up at the sky

Someone once asked me, what should I do if my child is tired of school? My conclusion may make many teachers unhappy. Because I think children who are tired of studying have nothing to do with their parents, but with their teachers. Because the teacher did not teach well, he was tired of studying. Our education system cannot be changed for the time being. What we can do is to set an example for our children and set a good example.

For example, when we drink heavily, you say: "Child, don't drink." Does the child listen? When we smoke, you say: "Child, don't smoke." Does the child listen? Obviously not. Children are our real industry, and children are our huge back. We can treat learning as a kind of belief through our own courteous behavior and studious behavior, and set an example for our children, because example is more important than words.

How to make children become world elites? The Chinese believe that the elite are the famous and rich people. I believe that elites should be people with ideals, morals, responsibility, wisdom, responsibility, creativity, and good emotional intelligence.

There are four steps to becoming an elite. The first step is to let children learn to ask questions. Children nowadays don't know how to ask questions, because asking questions will make the teacher very shameless. In fact, teachers don't understand many questions. Why does the world need students? It is because the teacher has many questions that cannot be understood and the students need to raise them. According to the Jewish view, everyone is a genius.

They divide geniuses into two types. The first type is mental temperament type genius; the second type is skill type genius. For example, I don’t know how to use PPT. I will never play this kind of skill. Year-old children play better than me, this is a genius. Our core is to discover the genius of the child and guide him to realize his potential. The second step is to let children learn to solve problems, the third step is to establish goals and ideals, and the fourth step is to become a wise person. These are the wisdom of Jewish family education.

My teacher, Erics, came to Beijing from Israel to do a parental Q&A. He told a story: There was a mother in the United Kingdom. Because the child was not good at learning, she changed more than ten schools for him, but it didn’t work. She couldn’t do anything for this. . Later, she went to consult with an educator. After talking with the child for five minutes, the educator also felt that the child was incurable.

But he can't speak in front of the child, so he tells the child: "You go to the next room and stay for a while, I will tell your mother something." In order to prevent the child from being bored, the educator turns on the radio Listen to music to the child. There was a window in the next room, from which he could see what the child was doing, only to discover that the child was dancing to the music on the radio. Then he told the mother: "I suggest you send your child to dance school to learn dance."

Twenty years later, this kid became the choreographer of the most famous musical "Cat" on Broadway in the United States. He succeeded. He became a talent and an elite. And now, many of our children's geniuses have been entrapped by education. If we want to change our children, we need to have an open heart, an empty heart, and a window. This window allows us to look up at the stars instead of just staring at the thoughts under our knees.

Education is to make children enlightened

The Jews have determined to become the elite of the world since they were young, and their ideal is to repair this broken and imperfect world. The best profession to repair this broken and imperfect world is doctors, lawyers, judges, teachers, thinkers, scientists, and finally a businessman. The Jews are not officials, and they have never been politically successful, but the Jews are among the best in the world in culture, education and other fields.

From the perspective of the Jews, he would rather sell all his property and marry his daughter to a scholar. When the teacher and the father are both in jail at the same time, when the son is sure to bail the teacher first, the status of the teacher is higher than the father and higher than the king. Because the teacher is dead, no one can replace him. This is his sacred place. Jews have a rule for every profession and every industry. As long as a nation has this kind of spirit, the nation will not fall.

When I visited Israel, a principal said that there are two ways to judge a teacher’s quality. The first is to see how the teacher uses the most creative and interesting methods to attract and teach children; the second criterion It depends on whether the teacher has team spirit, because education is also a team. I asked again: "What do you think of the exam?" He said, "I am against any exam." "What if I don't take the exam?" He replied, "Our purpose is to let the children discover during the exam. In fact, this It is not an exam, but a test. Because every child is a genius, we have to inspire and guide, using a Chinese word is enlightenment."

The purpose of education is to make children enlightened, but our education is to "close" children's hearts through examinations.

The Jews believe that every child is a genius, and they try to use a very interesting method to inspire their genius. Therefore, the four foundations of Jewish family relations are: first, every child is a genius; second, give The child provides diversified choices. It is not necessary for him to learn Olympiad, piano, and violin. Maybe he is not suitable, maybe he is more suitable to practice long-distance running or sprinting; third, make a family agreement; fourth, hold a family meeting.

The true essence of Jewish education is the golden education model. This is the greatest discovery of the Jews based on inheriting Jewish wisdom and traditions. According to Jews, there are five wisdoms of man, and they must teach these five wisdoms to children. The first is the "wood" of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. Green represents vitality and creativity. Second, soil, which is yellow, represents human emotional intelligence, which is called human wisdom. Third, water, blue, represents an open way of thinking, called harmonious wisdom. Fourth, it is fire, red, which represents survivability in the wild and team spirit, which is called practical wisdom. Fifth, gold and white represent the wisdom of learning.

However, Chinese schools only have "gold", not even wisdom, only rote memorization. This is the current problem. The other four wisdoms mentioned by the Jews can just supplement us. And this kind of wisdom is called future wisdom, which is the wisdom created by the wisdom of the Chinese and the wisdom of the Jews. Because the purpose of our education is to make children a person who can meet the challenges of the future.

Let children be willing to go to school, make learning fun, and then develop the five wisdoms of children: creativity, humanity, balance, practice and memory. The core is to discover the talent, talent, genius, and personal value of each child, and finally complete the mission .

Finally, I summarized five important conclusions: First, no money is not a problem, no creativity is the problem. There are a lot of rich people in China, but not many creative people. Second, to live a restrained life, let humans shine; third, to defend the value and dignity of life, and to live in harmony with the world, life is The most precious; fourth, the person who reads the dead book is a donkey, success comes from practice; fifth, the question mark represents everything, and learning is a kind of belief.

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