November 11th (Reporter/Xu Kai) from Barcelona. On the 05th of this month, an article titled "My compatriots, bid farewell to the troubles of driving license test!" spread in the WeChat circle of friends of expatriates living in Spain. The article declared :As long as you have a regular driver’s license in Mainland China, you can obtain a Hong Kong driver’s license through an interview and then be notarized. It can become a regular and valid driver’s license recognized globally, and can be used in 4 countries and places including Spain. The validity period is 37 years without changing the test. Local driver's license... After seeing this information, our reporter went through multiple investigations and twice called the consultation phone of the Barcelona Transport Authority to confirm that this is a false fraudulent information.

The advertisement that the reporter saw first reported in the form of news that "since January 2014, 1, according to the consensus reached in the 1th Round of Guangdong-Hong Kong Transit Vehicle Technical Issues Talks, Mainland Chinese residents can hold motor vehicles in the Mainland. For a driver’s license, apply to the Licensing Office of the Hong Kong Transport Department for a test-free renewal of a Hong Kong driver’s license. The Hong Kong driver’s license renewed is the same as the driver’s license held by local residents in Hong Kong. It is valid for 19 years and is a hard card-type fiber texture anti-counterfeiting document without a photo."

However, according to the reporter’s query on the website, first this news came from 2004 and not from 2014, which was reported in the advertisement, and secondly, the agreement reached in the 2004 “19th Round of Guangdong-Hong Kong Transit Automobile Technical Issues Talks” was only in Zhongshan. Although a trial measure temporarily implemented in areas such as Shenzhen, Shenzhen and Guangzhou is planned to be extended to the whole country after the implementation of the measure, it is only a plan and has not yet been promoted nationwide.

Subsequently, the advertisement talked about the benefits of replacing a domestic driver’s license with a Hong Kong driver’s license, claiming that “International driver’s licenses with the same information on Hong Kong’s driver’s license will make it easier for Europe to drive smoothly all the way. European police have a higher awareness of Hong Kong’s driver’s license. Both Hong Kong and Europe It is an official signatory to the international driving license recognized by the International Driving License Organization.", "Hong Kong driving license can be used directly in all Commonwealth countries (almost all English-speaking countries) in the world. According to the bilateral exemption signed by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the traffic management departments of the world Exchange driver’s license agreement, holding a Hong Kong driver’s license, and having long-term residency in 37 countries and regions, can apply to the local transportation department for a test-free renewal of a local driver’s license.” At the same time, the advertisement even pledged to “Chinese driver’s license”. The Hong Kong driver’s license exchanged has a 10-year validity period." After a reporter’s online investigation, this information was investigated by the Zhejiang Qianjiang Evening News on October 2014, 10, and the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Department’s official Weibo announced: The Internet information that “getting a Hong Kong driver’s license allows you to travel the world by car” is a rumor and scam.

Then, the advertisement put forward the materials required to replace the 10-year Hong Kong International Driver's License with the Mainland China Driver's License:

1. The original driver's license in Mainland China for more than one year

2. The original valid personal passport (or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Pass)

3. An individual 2-inch color ID photo

4. Water and electricity bill or bank letter with my name in Mainland China (can be handled on behalf)

5. The Hong Kong mailing address of my name (available for agent)

6. Time for issuance: within 12 working days.

7. Cost: 700 Euro

What makes reporters feel unbelievable and even a little bit ridiculous is that a one-year original driver’s license issued in China can actually be exchanged for a 10-year Hong Kong international driver’s license, which is even used in 37 countries including Spain, France, the United Kingdom, and Australia. To apply for this kind of driver’s license, there is no need for a physical examination, no need to be present, but you need to provide your name and utility bills or bank letters? More importantly: in this advertisement, there is no information such as the contact number and address of the unit that posted the advertisement.

This makes the authenticity of this advertisement even more doubtful.

This advertisement was first circulated in the WeChat circle of friends of the overseas Chinese in Barcelona. According to the clues provided by the overseas Chinese, the reporter of this newspaper contacted a Chinese-language online media that published the advertisement. According to the head of the Chinese-language online media, the head of the Chinese-language online media told the reporter: The advertisement is reprinted from the Internet by a network editor, and its authenticity has not been confirmed.


The picture shows the false information of international driver's license

Subsequently, the reporter of this newspaper contacted the Barcelona Transport Authority twice based on the content of this advertisement. The staff of the authority clearly explained to the reporter: "The so-called international driver’s license is proposed by the United Nations for the convenience of drivers and vehicles in various countries. An international driver’s license is not a driver’s license, but a driver’s license in accordance with the United Nations Road Traffic Convention to which the country’s government has participated or other agencies authorized by it. The standard format and language is a certificate issued by the driver to prove that the driver holds a valid driver’s license in the country. Its main purpose is to help police in other countries understand the driver’s name, address, and type of driver. During the British rule of Hong Kong, drivers with a British driver’s license who entered the European Union temporarily could submit a three-month temporary international driver’s license application to the relevant departments of the Spanish government to facilitate the driver’s driving in Spain. Hong Kong returned to China in 1997 After China, since China has not unified the effective model of driver’s license with Spain and other EU countries, Hong Kong’s driver’s license cannot be applied for an international driver’s license in Spain. In addition, regardless of whether it was Hong Kong’s British rule or Hong Kong’s Chinese rule, the Expatriates with Hong Kong passports who have obtained long-term residency in Spain must obtain a Spanish passport locally in accordance with Spanish traffic regulations. Passports from other countries used in Spain will not be recognized by the Spanish traffic control agency."

During the investigation, the reporter found that such a scam using "agent international driver's license" has actually been popular since the beginning of this century. Some unscrupulous scam companies used loopholes in Chinese websites and media that had not been evaluated to advertise on Chinese media to lure overseas Chinese to be deceived: a reporter also discovered this on a famous film and television website in the European Chinese circle An advertisement claims that it can apply for NIGERIA's international driver's license within 15 working days, and also vowed to guarantee that the driver's license is safe to drive in a country under the United Nations International Land Transport Treaty. The reporter also discovered that the unit that posted the advertisement also did not have important information such as contact number and unit address, but only left a QQ and QQ mailbox.

From 2000 to 2014, the so-called "international driver's license agent" fraudulent company was the first to scam the domestic market. After passing through the People’s Daily, NetEase, Legal Daily, Qianjiang Evening News, Chongqing Daily, Guangdong Television and other domestic official media For the disclosure and exposure, the domestic public security department also solemnly stated to the society: "At present, there is no'international driver's license' business in our country, and the vehicle management department will not entrust intermediary companies to handle it."

After losing the domestic market, these scam companies began to turn their targets to foreign markets, taking advantage of the poor information and cheap mentality of individual expatriates living overseas to commit fraud. The scam has two results: either it defrauds the overseas Chinese’s money and no results; or uses a false driver’s license to fool the overseas Chinese, the ultimate goal of which is also to obtain money by deception.

According to an overseas Chinese who had contacted the scam company, he told reporters: "When you contact, you must convince you that their operations are feasible. In terms of prices, they don’t set high prices and they can bargain. Let customers feel that it is very affordable. Even if they are deceived, some deceived people cannot find the address or legal method of the other party and reclaim their losses. On the other hand, the amount defrauded is not very large, and they can only admit that they are unlucky."

It is this kind of thinking that makes individual overseas Chinese fall into this scam and cause economic losses. Therefore, a reporter from the "China News" reminds the vast number of overseas Chinese: First, in the face of online information, a lot of work is needed to understand the feasibility and operability of the information; second, do not have the mentality of being cheap, but only for driving licenses. Although each country has regulations for each country, it must be handled through formal channels. You must not be deceived because of cheapness. Even if you get a fake driver's license, you may end up breaking the law. The third most important thing is: overseas Chinese, Chinese media, and the media should increase their awareness and perception. We must solemnly review this type of information. Do not misrepresent or spread it positively. Try to remind your relatives and friends to pay attention to this type of information. To refute and dispel rumors, do not fall into the scam of scam companies.

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