It's on fire: This song "Old Classmate", are you okay with the lower bunk sister who borrowed my meal ticket‏

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Listening to this beautiful song "Old Classmates", I remembered my old classmates...

No matter how far apart, as if you never walked far

No matter how many years you have been apart, it seems you have been by your side...

Brother who lent me the meal ticket, how are you?

Sister whose library is occupying your seat, what happened to her?

Where are who and who?

So who and who can become a family?

Old classmates, can’t finish talking,

Old classmates, flowers carved by time,


Old classmate, not enough wine.

No matter how far apart, as if you never walked far

No matter how many years you have been apart, it seems you have been by your side...

What is a classmate?

When we were classmates when we were young, we didn't know what classmates were.


She at that timeA silly girl who blushes when she speaks;

At that time we would fight over who on the desk passed the "XNUMXth line".

And when we really understand what classmates are,


What is a classmate?

The classmates haven’t seen each other for more than ten years.结实的拥抱,你说上学的时候和他也没说过几句话呀,这么多年没见,一见,咋这么亲呢?他说:“除了父母兄弟姐妹外,同学是我最重要的社会关系和! ”

What is a classmate?

The classmates have not been seen for many years. When I told them the bad news about my father's passing away, the people who were there immediately were really touched!

What is a classmate?

The classmates usually have no contact, no text messages, no phone calls, and they are far away from the mountains and rivers, and the feelings of overwhelming feelings blow up when they meet. Classmates are brothers and sisters!

What is a classmate?


I really hope that in many years from now, I will still have such friends by my side, without fame and fortune. Some are just pure, elegant, warm, and tender feelings. Because of cherishment, we know each other what a touching emotion this is! I will always cherish such classmates, such friends, such brothers and sisters!

There is a feeling that is no longer strong, but always exists. We can't be around all the time, it seems that the phone calls and text messages are gone. We can't share each other's happiness and unhappiness for the first time, as if we have become cold and silent. But if one day, we meet again, dear, then everything will not change.

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