Who said that going abroad must be unaccompanied? Who says it’s hard to move overseas if you don’t understand English?

Chinatown-Australia's largest Chinese media information service platform, we are your family in Australia, we are waiting for you in Melbourne, and we make your foreign travel as convenient as your hometown.


Chinatown is now grandly launching membership services, exclusive Chinatown·Changxing Card.

Chinatown promises that it will be a member of one life, service life, one person will buy a card, and the whole family will share it.

Hand in hand in Chinatown, travel freely in Australia. We look forward to seeing you in Melbourne.


Member benefits:

(1)Australia mobile phone card:Members in China will receive an Australian mobile phone card presented by Chinatown. Make sure you can report to your family as soon as you arrive in Australia.

(2)Intimate pick-up:Free pick-up service.

(3)Driver's License Translation:Free driver's license translation.

(4)酒店 服务:Chinatown has abundant Australian hotel resources, and members can enjoy discounted hotel reservations.

(5)Car Rental:Help members rent cars for free.

(6)Travel service:Order travel products from travel agencies for members for free.

(7)Exclusive package:Exclusively produced travel spree in Chinatown

(8)Newsletter:Chinatown regularly sends e-newsletters with the latest discount information and selected Chinatown reports.


For more information, please contact us! 

• Member service mailbox:[email protected]

• Tel: 95040397155 (direct dialing from China, domestic local call charges)

+61 3 9008 6490 (Australian landline)

• Online consultation on the official website: Go to the homepage of the official website of Chinatown (https://news.china.com.au/), click on the online customer service on the lower right side, and communicate with Chinatown online.

• WeChat public account: news-china-com-au

• Address: 1 Central Boulevard, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207, Australia