variety show

"When We Are Together"

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Broadcast channel: Da Ai TV, you can watch back on iTalkBB Chinese TV Type: Music

Children's fun, nursery rhymes, children's play, and children's companions are all the happiest sweet times in life. Adults often miss the innocence and carefreeness of children, but children are anxious to become adults. Childlike innocence connects the world in the hearts of children, so that the family has no distance and no obstacles.
"When We Are Children Together" presents the most precious pictures and music of childhood, and the world of children's fun and play stays in a short time and space. The performance repertoire specially tailored for family members will present children's cartoon music that can be listened to by the age of 5 to 50, familiar nursery rhymes, sketches of neo-classical styles loved by brothers and sisters, and dynamic and shocking drum music and dad. The mothers’ catchy ballads lead everyone into everyone’s childhood through funny short drama performances.

"Literature and Political Affairs"

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Broadcast channel: Macro TV, which can be watched back on iTalkBB Chinese TV Type: Culture

"Literature and Political Affairs" focuses on interviews with outstanding Taiwanese artistic and literary figures. Whether it is traditional culture or modern art, Western or Eastern cultural heritage and creation, it will let Chinese people around the world understand Taiwan's multicultural art through program reports and in-studio interviews. Develop and enhance cultural level and image; and through the experience sharing of creators, stimulate people's creativity, and cultivate an artistic outlook that combines historical tradition and modern fashion sense. In addition, in order to serve the vast number of overseas Chinese, "Literature and Political Affairs" will also intersperse Taiwanese officials invited by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee to accept interviews as appropriate, and give political, economic and cultural explanations.
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TV series recommendation

"Thirty-Six Strategies"

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Starring: Zhou Xinyi, Yuan Zhibo, Chen Xiaoyi, Li Yifeng
Broadcast Channel: Guangxi International Genre: Costume/Comedy

"Thirty-Six Strategies" tells that the protagonists Mei Niang and Zhuang Ku are the two owners of the store, and they jointly run Hong Kwai Fang and an inn. During this period, Zhuang Ku carved the thirty-six strategies of war from his ancestors into wooden plaques, which were used to deal with many matters around him. Love, business wars, all kinds of life problems, and being in the world can all be solved with these strategies, without any disadvantage. The two "husbands and wives" punish the evil and promote the good, help the danger and help the poor, and spread this application of the Thirty-Six Strategy of War in real life as a good story among the people.
"Suo Qingqiu"

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Starring: Feng Shaofeng, An Yixuan, Li Caihua, Yi Nengjing, Michelle He, He Shengming
Broadcast Channel: Fujian Strait Genre: Costume/Comedy

"Suo Qingqiu" is an emotional drama of the Republic of China, which tells the story of the Qing Dynasty that happened in Pingan Town in the late Qing Dynasty. The play tells a unique story consisting of seducing, killing husband, deep love, natural disasters, setting up the situation, identity mystery, etc. It has bitter sentiment and extreme plot development. For example, An Yixuan played the female No. XNUMX "Du Lanyan", which was successively The stepmother was sold, married to a lame by her master, raped by her master, framed by an enemy, and abused by her mother-in-law.

Movie recommendation

"Someone Under the Bed"

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Starring: He Keren, Guo Xiaoran, Wu Wenjia, Ge Honglin
Broadcast channel: Chinese movie channel Type: Thriller

A fire in Yunnan many years ago caused Bing'er to lose her lover Xiaoming. Since then, she has not only been in the pain of losing her lover, she is unable to extricate herself, but she often dreams of a pure white room with a pair under the bed. Grasping her with pale hands. After marrying handsome Kuangyu, Binger's situation has not improved for a long time. One day, the couple came to a certain ancient city for a tour, which was where Xiao Ming had promised to bring Binger. It is unbelievable that Xiao Ming did not die, his whole body was burned seriously, and he did not want to appear in front of Bing'er, but lived alone here in seclusion, and asked Kuangyu to take care of his lover.

"Summer Fun"

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Starring: Peng Yuyan, Yang Ying, Zhu Yuchen, Zhou Yang
Broadcast channel: Chinese movie channel Type: Love

There is a beautiful island in Malaysia, where the clear waters and white sands are beautiful and it is an excellent holiday destination. There is a young island owner who has fun on the island. He runs the only hotel on the island. At the same time, he develops a variety of creative tourism projects and manages the business in a colorful manner. Until one day, a girl named Xia Mi The arrival of has changed everything...

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