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variety show

 "Sheng Shi Hua Collection"

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Broadcast channel: Southern Guangdong, can be watched on iTalkBB Chinese TV Type: Favorite

The column of "Prosperity Collection" is a "magazine"-style collection of special programs, including "Gathering Treasures", "Essences of the Museum", "Treasures in the Home", "Tibetan Resources" and other sections, with various forms, rich content and coverage wide. It aims to create a TV culture platform that integrates cultural relics introduction, calligraphy and painting appreciation, and popularization of folk craft knowledge, promotes Guangdong's history and culture, and promotes the development of folk collections.


"Born I am Talented"

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Broadcast channel: Zhejiang International, available to watch on iTalkBB Chinese TV Type: Venture Capital

"Born I am Talented" is a TV venture capital platform that helps high-quality entrepreneurial projects. For the first time, entertainment stars, entrepreneurial teams, and investment institutions are linked together, aiming to discover China's most investment-worthy entrepreneurial projects, presenting the project business model through star experience and real roadshows, and helping more entrepreneurial teams obtain better financing opportunity.


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TV series recommendation

"Happiness Code"

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starring : Zhu Yuanyuan, Xin Baiqing, Li Kunlin, Lu Ling

Broadcast channel: Shenzhen International Genre: Love/Comedy

Heshi Xiangnan, who came from a small water town to the provincial capital for development, is a small couple. His wife, Xifeng, painstakingly designed a series of plans to make her husband go south and make his wife proud. Xiang Nan insists on the independent personality and dignity of a man. He is unwilling to fight according to the life goal Xifeng designed for him, and insists on taking a life path that decides his own destiny. For this reason, the two have launched a series of light-hearted, nonchalant, control and anti-control, conquest and anti-conquest dragon and phoenix battles. After many hardships, blows and setbacks, the husband and wife finally understand one truth: marriage depends on the mutual tolerance, mutual respect and joint management of two loving people, and happiness will come.


"Flea on the Drum"

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starring : Wu Jing, Shang Rong, Ning Jing, Yan Kun, Li Chengfeng

Broadcasting channel: China TV Station Type: Costume/Martial Arts

"Flea on the Drum" is an ancient costume romantic martial arts TV series adapted from the classic Chinese classic "Water Margin". Shiqian is nicknamed "Drums on the Flea", which means light and light like a flea jumping on a big drum. He has always The title of the world's most thief. Although Shiqian ranks second to last in Liangshan's XNUMX singles and eight generals, his story and reputation are far better than his rankings. He is an extremely cute and popular character, and a rare alternative and excellent film and television theme.

The play mainly tells the story of the three heroes Shi Qian, Yang Xiong, and Shi Xiu, who slowly evolved from the intrigue between enemies into good friends who sympathized with each other, until they were forced to go to Liangshan.


Movie recommendation

"Very Summer"

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Starring: Ma Xiaoqing, Pan Yueming, Li Jiaxuan, Ge Yaming

Broadcasting channel: Chinese movie channel Type: plot

The film is based on a real case. It tells the car mechanic Lei Haiyang on the way to work with the "girl" who came to Beijing to find a job in the same truck. He didn't want to witness the rape of the "girl" by two drivers halfway through. Because of cowardice did not stop, I felt guilty since then, and finally defeated the story of self-psychological changes in the process of looking for "girls" and helping the police catch criminals.


"Non-stop train"

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Starring: Wang Minde, Yin Yangming, Li Mingyi, Zhang Guoqiang

Broadcast channel: Chinese movie channel Type: Action

As usual, the platform of Xinzhou Station was full of bustling passengers. Five minutes before the departure of the 4255 passenger train from Xinzhou to Jiansanjiang, Sheriff Xuemei and conductor He Hua took their "4255 Women's Train" on board the train. Joining them on the train were Police Officer Shi Feng and his colleague Liu Qing from the inspection team sent by the higher-level public security department. What they didn't expect was that Zhang Hongwei, the criminal suspect wanted nationwide, and her girlfriend Li Ting also boarded the XNUMX train in the crowd...


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