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"Sister Hua Yang"

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Dragon TV and Fengxing.com's large-scale entertainment program "Sisters Over Flowers", which was simultaneously broadcasted in Istanbul and Pamukkale, completed a fantasy journey. The image of the warm boy Ma Tianyu and the goddess Lin Zhiling was sublimated again. In the humor of Li Zhiyan and the teachings of Sister Fan, the carriage The sweetness of the journey continues to melt the furnace, the same bath and the same kitchen? Give you a romantic trip to exotic places. After the poor travel, at a rare "luxury" banquet, accompanied by Li Zhiyan, the sisters began to "greedy" to grab meals, while Ma Tianyu used "Wei Dun" to arouse public anger. When Fan Sister faced the returned Ma Tianyu, she was chattering about re-education. Nuan Nan returned to find the street girl who was driven away from the street.

It turned out that on the way to the restaurant, a street singing girl evoked the warm boy Ma Tianyu's childhood memories. He could not bear to apply to the program team to pay for his love and encouragement. As a result, the world is so ruthless. When we return to the starting point, the girl has disappeared without a trace, leaving the warm man speechless and choked. Will the story end like this? When the clarinet sound with few tunes spread through thousands of miles, it was once again passed into Ma Yuyu's ears. He heard the sound and finally realized his dream of warm man's love.

But behind Consummation was the "bad news" one after another. The plane said that there is no good, change the bus, Fan sister "sweet and bitter." In order not to affect Sister Fan's rest, the sisters gathered in the Nange, and Li Zhiyan took off the emperor's coat and showed off the comedian's acting skills with Aunt Xue. That's a man, and it's too much to look at him.

However, the most anticipated part of this issue of "Sister Hua Yang" is the 2000-year-old hot spring sanctuary. There is a saying, "beautiful or not, the water of Saint Ancient; not pretty, the waist of Zhiling," the sisters are about to enter the water, and the two guardians must accompany them. Aunt Xue's "I wear underwear and accompany you into the water" forced Ma Yuyu to compromise, and the goddess's phrase "I am wearing (swimming suit)" directly defeated Ma Yuyu's mental defense line and made it hard. Sexy, wet, all your imagination space is reflected in reality, sister Zhiling is hot and bathing with the male god, only envy, jealousy and hatred can represent Lingfen's inner world.


"Outstanding Chinese"

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TV series recommendation

"Don't Let Me See"

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starring : Li Youbin, Li Ge, He Minghan Type: Criminal Investigation

Liu Yusheng, who has worked as a criminal police officer for a lifetime, was appointed as the Secretary-General of the Foundation. He was somewhat uncomfortable with his work when he first arrived at the Foundation. When he heard and witnessed that some heroes who acted for righteousness were wronged because of the cowardice of the rescued and the imperfection of social protection institutions, he decided to hire a lawyer for the Foundation for the brave for righteousness. The famous lawyer Wang Yujia nominated herself, and reporter Su Lili came forward. Let Liu Yusheng have a new understanding of the work of the foundation. But in real life, the cost of acting bravely is very high. Once it is corrupted by others, this cost can often change a person's life. A middle school student rescued a fainted old man on the street. He was blackmailed by the old man’s relatives. Liu Yusheng led the discussion of the incident in society. He supported this kind of brave behavior in public opinion and the law, which made people feel that His willingness to help people was comforted. With their continuous efforts, the air in society has been purified, and the role of braveness for the foundation has become greater and greater. Liu Yusheng also has a new understanding of this responsibility. The film is close to life, promotes righteousness, and is full of positive energy.


"Cool Dad and Pretty Mom"

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starring : Li Guangjie, Tong Liya, Zhao Ziqi, Gao Yalin, Gao Lu, Zhu Rui, Zhou Dehua, Chen Wenqi

Type: Urban Emotion

Sun Dalei divorced his wife Su Yun a few years ago, and a pair of children lived with Su Yun. Su Yun was suddenly going to work in Hong Kong for a year and decided to leave her child to Sun Dalei to take care of. Sun Dalei couldn't adapt to want to escape for a while, and Su Yun's boyfriend Huang Xinhua took the initiative to take care of the children. Huang Xinhua's actions aroused Sun Dalei's eagerness to win, and the two kept staging a "child-winning war". Sun Dalei was so busy with his career that he repeatedly broke his promise in front of his children, and his children gradually got closer to Huang Xinhua. Sun Dalei's fear of marriage left his confidante Fan Li deeply disappointed, and Sun Dalei fell into a situation where he was "inflicted by the enemy". After learning from the pain, Sun Dalei used practical actions to restore the trust of the children and everyone, but the company went bankrupt. Huang Xinhua's daughter Huang Xiaoying found out that she was a man who dared to take responsibility during a battle of wits with Sun Dalei. The two attracted each other and became in love with each other. Under the influence of Huang Xiaoying and his children, Sun Dalei gradually grew into a responsible and responsible father and a good man. Not only did he get the recognition of Huang Xinhua and his children, he also gained Huang Xiaoying’s love, and finally everyone found what belonged to him. Own happiness.


Movie recommendation

"One Hundred Thousand Cold Jokes Movie Version"

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Starring:Ajie / Huang Zhenji / Baomu Zhongyang / Shanxin / Suzaku Orange /

Genre: Comedy / Animation / Fantasy

In the sixth episode of the second season of "One Hundred Thousand Cold Jokes", the unnamed male protagonist (voiced by Ajie), after defeating the King of Birds and Shit, caused the earth to suffer an unprecedented scale due to the explosion of his own Tucao energy. Disaster, the movie version of the story begins. In the soul transfer station, the male protagonist accidentally went to the mysterious "time narrows", rewritten the history of the destruction of the earth with the help of mysterious characters, and returned to the past to become a hero who saved the earth; but unexpectedly Things happened, time and space were chaotic, and the two-dimensional characters of different dimensions traveled to the world of the male protagonist. The male protagonist even met Li Jing (voiced by Baomu Zhongyang) and Nezha (voiced by Shanxin) in the fairy tale. Snow White (voiced by Vermilion Orange) and Pinocchio (voiced by Huang Zhenji), in order to reverse the chaotic time and space, everyone embarked on a journey to save the earth again...



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Director: Lou Ye

Starring: Qin Hao / Guo Xiaodong / Huang Xuan / Zhang Lei / Mei Ting

Broadcasting channel: Chinese movie channel Type: plot

  • First64Silver Bear Award at Berlin International Film Festival Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award
  • First51Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Golden Horse Award Best feature film

An accident in his teenage years made the boy Pony (Huang Xuan) lose light in his eyes. After an attempted suicide, the gloomy Pony moved to the blind massage center run by Sha Fuming (Qin Hao) to take a job. Here, gathered many blind people like Xiaoma, whether born or acquired, living in the common darkness gave these blind people a deep and solid friendship.

Doctor Wang (played by Guo Xiaodong) and his girlfriend Xiao Kong (played by Zhang Lei) came from afar to go to Sha Fuming. The feminine voice and breath of the hole made Xiao Ma's heart ripples, and the persistent and decisive Xiao Ma pursued her inner heart. The voice kept approaching the small hole. After that, a hair salon lady named Xiaoman (Huang Lu) appeared in Xiao Ma's life. As time went by, Xiao Ma started to have feelings for Xiao Man.


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