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variety show

"Sister Hua Yang"

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Broadcast channel: Dragon TV can be watched on iTalkBB Chinese TV Comprehensive Collection-Hot Broadcast Ranking

At the end of the last issue of "Sister Huayang", Song Qian, watched by Xi Meijuan, boarded the car prepared by the program group and went to the airport, ending her trip ahead of schedule. And in the last moments of leaving Turkey, the enthusiastic young lady did not forget to give experience to the new "participating" girl Yang Zi.
It may be that the hard life on the first day was too impressive. The first thing Song Qian said was "stingy" Li Zhiting, reminding her successor sister to be psychologically prepared. However, after winning a few flights, Song Qian admitted that the gang has become a "rich man" by now, and there is no lack of envy in her words. She may not know that in order to prepare the birthday video, Li Zhiting generously took out the 1000 euros that she saved through untold hardships. The financial situation of the Fantasia Group was not as optimistic as she thought.
In order to prevent the new sister from being shocked by the "active" atmosphere of the gods and goddesses, Song Qian vaccinated Yang Zi, and especially emphasized not to be frightened by Wang Lin and Ma Tianyu. The two were already familiar with each other, and they both liked to joke. They chatted as soon as they met, and couldn't stop their bickering. Maybe it’s funny thinking about that scene. Song Qian squeezed a smile and complained that the two of them were "extra noisy." I suggest that if the younger sister Yang Zi feels nervous and overwhelmed, she can ask the big sister Lin Chiling next door to act like a baby, "She will hold you. Give you comfort". Miss Victoria Song’s detailed suggestions have been listed one by one.
"Outstanding Chinese"

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Broadcast channel: CCTV-1, can be watched on iTalkBB Chinese TV Comprehensive Collection-Hot Broadcast Ranking

More than half of the second season of the CCTV set of "Outstanding Chinese" has been broadcast. Director Zhang Li revealed that the three judges Zhou Libo, Cai Guoqing, and Fan Bingbing will perform their duties so that the show has shown a very good effect. In the coming rematch stage, director Chen Kaige will also join. At the same time, the program’s competition system will also change. “The semi-finals will be different from last year. We will re-initiate the torture of the players from the perspective of our dreams, and the leader will be Chen Kaige. We also hope that the players will have something in the program. Belong to, join the judges’ team, and they will recommend the different “colorful Chinese” in their eyes. However, the form of the team will be different from what everyone has seen. The director team is still under discussion."


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TV series recommendation

"prenuptial agreement"

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Starring: Yu Hewei, He Shengming, Wang Lin, Bai Bing
Type: Contemporary city

The play tells the tortuous story behind a series of marriages brought about by three groups of marriages. The marriage of the young lawyer Zhang Kaiming and his girlfriend Xiao Linglong was very difficult due to the emotional entanglement of the previous generation of the two families. Another couple, Yang Xiaoting and Gao Han, because his wife Yang Xiaoting repeatedly suspected that their husband had an affair, caused the other party who originally loved each other to leave. Into the emotional desperation. Zhang Kaiming's divorced parents, Zhang Jianguo and Zhao Xiujie, finally realized that their fate had been tangled together for so many years, and they could not do without each other, so they remarried. The interaction of the three sets of marriages made everyone choose to believe in love instead of material. A paper agreement cannot solve all the problems that arise in marriage. A good marriage requires two people who are in love with each other to work together. The essence of marriage is that we choose to believe that each other can accommodate each other.


"Legend of the Last Emperor"

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Starring: Zhao Wenxuan, Yu Shaoqun, Jiang Linjing, Gao Hao, Sun Yaoqi, Zheng Zeshi, Hui Yinghong, Gui Yalei
Type: Costume/History

The play tells the legendary and ups and downs of the last Chinese emperor Aixinjueluo Puyi, from emperor to head of state, from war criminal to new citizen, after the last glory of the Forbidden City, Tianjin Yugong went north to become the "Emperor of Manchuria". Japan was defeated and captured in the Soviet Union for five years. After being extradited and returned to China as a war criminal, he was granted an amnesty. The brightest and most promising day of his life has come. He participates in work and elections as an ordinary citizen, and he is finally bathed in the dawn of the new era, with a reluctance to die of a new life. The Qing Dynasty rose and fell for nearly three hundred years. It was the last dynasty of the feudal dynasty. Among more than XNUMX prominent emperors, he was the last emperor. He was helpless amidst the turbulent political struggles, struggling to restore the Qing Dynasty. Helpless for the puppet. His fate is intertwined with the rise of the feudal dynasty to the new China, and it is the epitome of the change of the two dynasties of China.
Movie recommendation

"The Great Battle of XNUMX"

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Starring: Zu Qing, Zhang Lin, Deng Yuting
Genre: Drama/War

The movie "The Great Battle of 2012-7" is a historical and war movie written and directed by Feng Xiaoning and starring Lu Yi, Xia Yu, Yang Lixin, Sun Haiying and Lu Liping. The film starts from the childhood of the protagonist Deng Shichang, from the perspective of respecting and restoring history, reveals many little-known historical truths to the world, and tells the heroic deeds of our ancestors in fighting against Japanese aggression during the Jiawu years. The film was released in mainland China on July 6, 15, and won the Best Film Award at the XNUMXth Shanghai International Film Festival Film Channel Media Awards.


"Running Detective"

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Starring: Ruan Jingtian, Zhou Dongyu, Yang Zishan, Yang Yang
Genre: Comedy/Action/Suspense

There are many concessions in Shanghai's ten-mile foreign market. There are many evildoers, many people are stupid, glitz and crime coexist, so it is named "Adventurer's Paradise", also known as "Magic City".

As one of the smartest "inspectors" in the concession, Fan Ruyi (Ruan Jingtian) has to deal with three teachers and nine liu every day, and obtain all kinds of investigation information from them, and thus he has won the trust of the boss. But until one day, after taking over a top-secret mission from the boss, various unexpected and bizarre incidents followed: the warlord’s daughter Song Xiaoqiao (played by Yang Zishan) was kidnapped, the teenager Xiaoliu died on the street, the noble school girl student, All the colleagues in the patrol room were involved and none of them were spared. Fan Ruyi tried to prevent the innocent from being killed, but he didn't even expect it. The "number one suspect" in all murders turned out to be himself!

In order to clear the charge, Fan Ruyi tried his best to avoid multiple pursuits from the underworld, arrest houses and mysterious killers, but also to protect the newsboy monkey and the wind-blind girl Huilan (Zhou Dongyu). Close to the truth, but the truth is much crueler than he thought...


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