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"Sister Hua Yang"

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Yang Zi"Strange and Meng" appearance is popular

At the beginning of the sixth program, Ma Tianyu needs to spend five minutes in the airport to find the new member of the team, namely Yang Zi, who appeared mysteriously. Although this scene was broadcast for only a few minutes, Yang Zi actually waited for more than three hours at the airport. Yang Zi won a red envelope for the "Fantastic Group" as soon as she appeared on the stage, which relieved everyone's urgency, and Ma Tianyu called her a "prize." However, after Yang Zi successfully reunited with the large group, he could not find the boarding pass and then the luggage. The "bewildered and cute" trait was brought into full play, bringing a small episode to the troupe. During the show, Yang Zi had just come into contact with other members of the Fantasia Group. He was slightly embarrassed and full of cuteness, which was very popular with the audience.

Intimate service"Female Han Purple" said: I love to steal a kiss Lin Chiling

After joining the trip, the post-90s Yang Zi took the initiative to help his brothers tidy up the bulky suitcases, and the characteristics of "Female Han Zi" were fully revealed. Yang Zi emphasized in the program that he is a female man, the third porter, and his two brothers helped the four sisters together. His modest and serious attitude made the members of the Huayang Group feel very warm. At the same time, Yang Zi's carefree personality and courageous personality left a deep impression on the audience. It can be said that her participation has brought a different sense of freshness to the "flower group". In life, Yang Zi, who loves self-discipline, mingle with his brothers and sisters in the following travels, and becomes the pistachio of the motley group, with endless surprises. Speaking of other members of the Fantasia Group, Yang Zi said with a smile: “Big brother Tianyu often dislikes me and will always play crazy with me, while brother Zhiting is a domineering student and feels safe to be with him. Four sisters They are all my seniors. Although they have different personalities, they are all cute and treat me well in private. However, I like to steal sister Zhiling the most."


"Outstanding Chinese"

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The stage of this issue of "The Outstanding Chinese" will usher in two post-90s "brothers of soldiers"-"brothers of guns". Two handsome and seductive soldiers in military uniforms, shouting the password and walking on the stage, the goddess Fan Bingbing smiled and praised: "What a handsome soldier!" Cai Guoqing saw the two little comrades in a sudden and cordial manner. Feeling: “I’m very excited to see my comrades in the army, especially Bingbing just called Brother Bing. He is really handsome, really masculine, and really energetic.” After hearing the original song of "Brother Cannon", Cai Guoqing even invited the song on the spot, and Ling Liang This younger generation is flattered. Zhu Yan from Shenyang is a serious security guard on weekdays, but on the stage, he turned into a rapper. The funny "Northeast RAP" infected the audience. The three judges learned the Northeast dialect one after another and came to the scene with him "Northeast RAP" "Duel. At the end of the program, the list of players who entered the semi-finals will be announced. Which "outstanding" players will attack the annual "outstanding star", and the answer will be announced soon.


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TV series recommendation

"I want to understand and get married"

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starring : Tong Dawei, Wang Likun, Deng Jiajia, Liu Lili, Lei Nuoer, Li Guangfu

Type: Love

Beijing youth Longxia and Qingdao white-collar Yu Xiaoyu encountered betrayal at the same time. Two discouraged people met in Beijing and became close friends in the shared rent. During the shared rent, they helped each other and produced deep feelings. Under the strong forced marriage of the parents of the two parents, the two entered in confusion without understanding. In the palace of marriage, after marriage, Yu Xiaoyu found out that he and Long Xia were not the same people at all. First of all, the "values" were very different. Yu Xiaoyu is pragmatic and has a clear life goal; Long Xia retreats, his buddies are serious. All the advantages of Long Xia before became disadvantages after marriage. Xiaoyu was confused. He thought the marriage was too hasty. The contradiction between Longxia and Xiaoyu is getting worse. When the marriage castle is about to collapse, Xiaoyu and Longxia finally understand the true meaning of marriage: marriage requires persistence. After many emotional tests, Longxia and Xiaoyu are in their lives. As they grow up, they begin to learn to tolerate and understand each other and learn to change for each other. Marriage is not a trivial matter. If you understand, get married again! In the end, the two who insisted on their love came together and lived their married life happily.


"Living Color and Fragrance"

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starring : Tang Yan, Li Yifeng, Shu Chang, William Chan

Type: Costume/Emotion

From the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, the love and hatred of the sons and daughters of the two major incense-making families. On the day when Ning Haotian, a big incense refiner, greeted her, his fiancé Xiang Xueyin eloped with his younger brother An Qiusheng, and maid Suyun pretended to be a young lady and married into Ningfu. She gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix babies—son Ning Zhiyuan and daughter Ning Peishan, who were born with no sense of smell. Xueyin gave birth to a baby girl named An Ruohuan with a fragrant body. She drank poison to save her husband and died. An Qiusheng mistakenly believed that Mrs. Wen's wife indirectly killed her lover, so she abducted her son Wen Shiqing and changed her name to An Yichen; Mrs. Wen's wife Songxian, who was dismissed because of the loss of her son, encountered Ning's housekeeper and couldn't bear to kill him. But An Ruohuan, who was let go, gave up suicide and determined to raise him. Several people invariably used "Forget Worry Fragrance" for the children, which erased their past memories. Twelve years later, several cases of missing girls occurred in Mowangling. Yichen went to Mowangling to solve the case. In fact, he followed Qiusheng's arrangements to "avenge" the Wen Family and Ning Family. Yichen finds the help of his Japanese classmate Keiko, but Keiko's father Taro will not only win the incense score, but also annex the Devil Ridge in one fell swoop. An Leyan went to work in Ning's family and became friends with Ning Zhiyuan.


Movie recommendation

"Who is the Ace of Undercover"

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Starring: Lin Chiling, Chung Xintong, Leung Ka Fai

Type: Suspense

The film is adapted from "The Largest Unknown Case in the History of Chinese Spy", which tells about an assassination incident in the turbulent 20s and 30s. In the XNUMXs, the treacherous Shanghai was a period of white terror, when the CCP’s underground party survived carefully and keenly. A top-secret meeting was sabotaged by the betrayal of the convict. The enemy tried to remove the five most suspected women from the five most suspected women-"elementary school teacher" Zhao Biwei (Lin Chiling), "Social Flower" Su Jie (Zhong Xintong), "Tea House Lady" Wang Xiafen (Meng Xiaoping) Ting Yi), "University Professor" Teacher Shi (Su Jin), and the "female student" Xiaohong who was accidentally involved in the incident, prying out the truth about the "ace"...


"I Just Want Us Together"

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Starring: Yang Gongru, Tang Wenlong, Chi Shuai, Zhou Lingnan

Type: Love

Radio anchor Ke Min (played by Yang Gongru) is smart and savvy. He hosts a popular late-night emotional interactive program to provide spiritual assistance to urban white-collar workers who are troubled by love and life. Li Mu (played by Tang Wenlong) is the boss of a company, has a successful career, lives happily with Ke Min, and has a happy family. Shen Kuo (played by Chi Shuai) plays Ke Min's loyal radio listener, and Qin Su (played by Zhou Lingnan) is an employee of Li Mu's company. The two are a loving couple who came from the university campus, full of sweet memories of the campus. Unexpectedly, Shen Kuo made a connection call to the radio station and let "Together" slide into the whirlpool...


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