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Readers, do you remember the narrowest house in Sydney we reported not long ago? Yes, that is the row house in Surry Hills with a width of only 2.85 meters. It was reported at the time that it was expected to sell for more than A$70. However, it now appears that the price is still too conservative. On Saturday, this row house was snatched by a Chinese for nearly A$100 million, and the Chinese buyer was bidding over the phone!

This townhouse is one of 750 properties scheduled for auction on Saturday. As of Saturday night, Domain collected 608 auction results, and the clearance rate was 84.2%, slightly lower than last week's 84.4%.

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This two-story Victorian townhouse is located at 29 Terry St. It covers an area of ​​38 square meters, which is roughly the size of a one-bedroom unit. Although the house is small, it has a separate living room and dining room, a small and broken kitchen, and the bathroom and laundry room are integrated on the first floor. The stairs leading to the second floor are steep and narrow. The second floor consists of two bedrooms and a small sky courtyard outside.

CoreLogic RP data shows that the last time the house was traded in 1981, the transaction value was A$5. The auction price was $4000. Although it was far less than the median price of a single house in the area of ​​$96.5 million, the price per square meter of this house was $150, which is more expensive than some large houses in higher-end urban areas!

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The house started at AUD 65. The three bidders competed fiercely and the price rose quickly. Many people in the crowd shook their heads, and some people thought the price was ridiculously high.

The final winner was buyer agent Raymond Hung, who bid on behalf of a Chinese buyer.

News compiled from "Domain"


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