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There is a great documentary in the United Kingdom. A director may have originally intended to verify that the class in British society is difficult to overcome. The children of the rich are still rich, and the children of the poor are still poor. He chose 14 different classes of children to do it. Tracking shooting, recording once every seven years: from the age of 7, 14 years old, 21 years old, 28 years old, 35 years old, 42 years old, 49 years old, until the age of 56 last year. Decades have passed, it is still the director-from youth to old age, or the group of people-from children to old age.

"56UP First Episode" (It is recommended that you watch it in a wifi environment)

"56UP Episode XNUMX" (recommended to watch in wifi environment)

"56UP Episode XNUMX" (recommended to watch in wifi environment)

The author of this article is a Douyou nicknamed "Manjia". The original title of this article is "Fifty-Six Already Knowing the Destiny".

I heard that this film has been around for more than a year, because it is a complete reality show, so I am quite curious, but I have not found the source of the film. Now I finally saw this film. In 2012, they also finished shooting at the age of 56, so this is the latest The name of the film is "56UP" and it is divided into three episodes. In these 150 minutes, we can see the lives of ordinary British people.

The lives of those people seem to confirm the director’s original speculation. Unfortunately, it really proves. Just like Tianya’s not long ago, it’s a very hot post "No matter how difficult it is to have a precious son", a group of graduates performed differently after internship in the bank. And the final destination is a reality that makes people unable to speak but is cruel. The fine social resources have already been divided up according to the established pattern, passed down from parents to children. In our country, the group who came out to work 80 years ago and their children stayed in their hometown. As parents, they are far away from their children and do not have the time and energy to supervise the children, nor do they have enough resources to promote the children. They just live hard, and they The children born in the 90s and XNUMXs still go to school at random and drop out of middle school, and then step into the old way of their parents to work in the city. Then they are still squeezed on the edge of the prosperous city. Among these people, unless they are determined to change their lives Yes, but a small part. And this British reality TV documentary also made people sigh. It didn't analyze the specific reasons. We can only infer the essential reasons through those appearances.

Most of the 7-year-old children are innocent and romantic. The upper class children Andrew and John who go to private schools are already reading "Financial News" or "The Observer" every day. They know exactly which high school they will attend—and then go to Oxford University— -Then become famous lawyers and famous people; middle-class boys also have some dreams: oppose racial discrimination, help people of color or where to go to school, what kind of career they have, and girls want to grow up to marry and have children; and The lower-class children in boarding schools in the slums of the poor areas can’t even talk about dreams. Some hope to make money as a horse trainer, and some hope to have the opportunity to meet their father, eat full, stand less, and be beaten less. Has become their wish.

When they were 56 years old, those 7-year-old children who went to private schools had already gone to Oxford University according to the established route, and then they all became famous lawyers, leading the good life of the upper class, respected by others, and happy families. Without exception, their children walked the same way as their fathers—good high schools, good universities, and good jobs; three middle-class boys also went to college. The first Bruce became a middle school teacher after graduating from the mathematics department of Oxford University. According to his ideals, he helped students in poor areas, and later returned to England to teach in an ordinary public school, leading a plain and quiet life; another farmer's son Nick graduated from Oxford Physics Department and went to the United States to become a famous American university. Professor, married an American wife with excellent appearance and temperament in his second marriage. He is the only one who has successfully advanced to the elite class. When the boy Peter was young, his political thoughts were very fierce and heroic, and he became a teacher after graduating from college. , Was criticized by the public for making political remarks and withdrew from filming. He returned to filming at the age of 56 and became a civil servant. He has a stable and happy family and excellent sons and daughters. He started a band with his beautiful wife to perform creative performances in his spare time. They have achieved very good results in the industry. They are slender and elegant. They are still steadily in the middle class. However, the girls who came out of the middle class are very plain, and I can't even tell the story accurately: without exception, they marry and have children, and their happiness in life is almost completely related to their marriage. . And those children from the lower social classes (mostly people of color) became the grandparents of a bunch of children when they were old, and their children rarely went to college and they were just ordinary. Service work-repairman, security, etc. And they themselves are often accompanied by unemployment. If there is no good social system, they are actually in a dire situation.

Our Chinese old saying goes that dragons give birth to dragons, phoenixes give birth to phoenixes, and the sons of mice will make holes. It mainly refers to heredity and imperceptibility. It probably also expresses a certain boundary between different species that is insurmountable. In addition to the conclusion that is really sighing and even a little unwilling, I also clearly found the following points worthy of interest.

XNUMX. A person's weight corresponds to his social class.

The elite class Andrew and John in the film still maintained a relatively good body shape and figure when they were 56 years old; among the former middle class, the American professor Nick and his wife who were promoted to the elite class, the middle class leader-civil servant Peter and his wife, were obviously better in shape; The lower-class men who grew up and grew old, although a few of them were quite handsome when they were young, almost all of them became fat or bald in the end, especially their wives, each of them was out of shape. It's quite powerful. The children born to these lower-class parents are numerous, and most of them are obese, although they are still only in their 20s.

It can be seen that the elite class is far stronger than the bottom class in terms of body shape exercise, diet control and other aspects. Is this perseverance to maintain their own weight also an important feature of their success? Everyone only sees that they are born with them. The superior family education resources and social environment that come, in addition to better quality of life and living habits, in fact, behind their body shape is a certain spirit of self-discipline and self-reliance endowed by their family. This is actually worthy of our reflection. So now some people say that you can't even control your weight, and you can't even get up in the winter morning. How can you have the perseverance to control your life? What we see is only the figure, but behind the figure is more content, so we sincerely express our respect for those who can maintain their body shape for many years, those who persevere toward their goals, in Behind the scenes, their contribution may be beyond our imagination.

XNUMX. In addition to the maternal family environment, personality is the most important card to reshape life.

It is true that, as mentioned earlier, most people have basically not escaped the established curse of social hierarchy, but there are still exceptions. To give two examples, anyone will notice that there is a middle-class child named Neil (he has a classmate in elementary school who is Bruce who was admitted to the Oxford mathematics department in the movie). Neil is very brilliant at the age of 7 He narrates his dreams of a strange swordsman or flowers and butterflies flying away from the sky, and even the 14-year-old lens is a sunny boy who is fast passing through a good parish with a schoolbag and riding a bicycle. He failed in the Oxford University entrance examination. After entering another university, because of mental problems, he dropped out of school and worked as a construction worker, and then wandered around the UK, living in an unsettled home, lacking food, and ragged clothes. It was really sad. Although he finally became a parliamentarian in a certain area when he was 56 years old, he was still a poor parliamentarian with a relief fund. His usual odd jobs such as working as an auxiliary priest in the church can only keep him alive. He has never had high expectations for the camera, saying that he doesn't know what he can do and what kind of better career he can do to make money. In his bones, he has no alternative to his fate. The film never said whether his mental problem was his inborn genetic problem or was later caused by the oppression of the family environment. In short, this character looked quite sad. If he had no problem with his temperament, after graduating from college, he would have been able to walk on the track of dignity for the middle class.

There is also a child who lives in a slum and lives in a boarding school. The sad face that appeared when I was 7 makes me unforgettable. His name is Paul. When he was 7 years old, he couldn't talk about dreams, but he just hoped to be less beaten, less fined to stand and so on. His sad and helpless face was heartbroken in the black and white lens of 1964. Although he also looked for a lot of jobs as an adult, but because of lack of skill and perseverance, or because of the poor employment environment, he was frequently unemployed and changed jobs, and in his later years he could only work in nursing homes where his wife worked. Get a job as a small repairman. Was he inferiority caused by his family environment, or his lack of perseverance caused by his natural personality? It is unknown. In short, the face he had when he was a child made people feel pity and chills, because it was probably only closely related to his childhood growth environment.

XNUMX. Marriage can save a person, especially a woman.

In the movie, women's happiness is mainly related to emotions and marriage, and career is very small. There are three classmates in the middle class who have appeared side by side in the camera for many generations. The fate of them is still very different when they grow up. There was a girl named Sue Optimistic who took the child after the first divorce, and later remarried and the husband and wife had a harmonious relationship. Then the work went smoothly and improved significantly, the family was happy and the career went smoothly, and life was happier in short; there was a girl Married twice and divorced twice in her life, leaving a few children, each of them did not go to university, and only did a lowly job. She was not well and suffered a series of family misfortunes. She has been unemployed and receiving benefits The economy is also very tight; there is another girl who is pessimistic by nature. She was a sad and rebellious girl when she was 7 years old, 14 years old and 21 years old, and met her husband when she was 28 years old. He became a sunny person and said frankly at the age of 56: Although I am a book that may not be very good-looking, since others (audience) have opened it, they still have the inertia to keep reading.

Marriage is a woman’s second life. It’s hard to say right or wrong in feminism, but it’s a perfect fit in this movie. Those women who happily said that they would get married and have a few children when they were 7 years old have written these chapters in their lives, but they have very different tastes. The marriage even reshaped their second lives. That Su looks quite young and energetic among these women. She is outstanding in terms of appearance and spirit. The man she met after remarrying made her happy and the career that made her way up gave her great confidence. Of course it also created a better material environment. And one of them was aging at the age of 56. The family generally suffered unemployment again, and the years had ruthlessly carved deep marks on her face.

A parent’s bad marriage can hurt a child and leave a very bad mark on their life, but in fact, a good marriage can also save a man. For example, the 7-year-old in the paragraph above is sad and sad. Paul, a white poor boy, said that he would not get married because of his parents’ divorce when he was a child. Later he went to Australia and looked very handsome. After he was 28 years old, he was lucky enough to meet a sunny woman. This woman supported him to walk through The decades that followed. Although he always wanted to escape and disappear when he encountered problems, but in the end his wife fixed him in his own way, perhaps the child, perhaps the warmth, allowing him to stay in this complete family and continue to do his responsibilities. Without this wife, this child, who had always looked sad and hopeless in fear of life, was hurt and a man who had no self-esteem and lack of self-confidence didn't know how sad and unpredictable the evening scene would be. His daughter was finally admitted to university majoring in British history. It was also very impressive when the family returned to the UK.

Fourth, the number of children in a family does have a lot to do with the quality of life.

In the movie, the elites basically only have two children, and they have more time to enjoy their life and make their own ideal plans, such as gardening, leading a cricket team, and forming a band. And so on, their children go to middle school and university step by step, and have good decent, high-paying jobs after graduation. When those in the lower class grow up, it is easy to have three or five children, two marriages or even more, because when they are very young, because of impulsive disorder, children are born more disorderly, even their young The son will have three or five children even when he is very young or even less than twenty years old. Therefore, they are already the grandparents of a lot of children before they get old even when they are only 49 years old. The economic pressure can be imagined, and their quality of life can also be imagined. In the movie, they are surrounded by a large family. Busy and busy, there are white people and people of color. At the age of fifty-six, they find a decent job for their children, such as a postman, and feel very gratified. If a college student occasionally appears in the family, it is even more so. Full of glory. According to speculation, his children should be basically what we call the post-80s.

Those who get married are basically looking for people who belong to the right class. This is normal. A person has a wider range of crowd intersections and value resonance in the class he belongs to. The elite class and the upper middle class are more in marriage. Is it stable because of rational choice or material guarantee? Many other people experienced the process of divorce and remarriage when they were around 35-42. Of course, a failed marriage will make life more unfortunate. In addition to dissipating certain beliefs about marriage and making people feel frustrated, it also takes longer to correct the last mistake. If the upper-end marriage stays If the next group of responsible children and the fathers don’t know where they have gone, this life will be even worse.

So, rational people are more likely to have a happy life, orderly, and everything under control? Or is it that emotional people are more likely to have a happy life, where do they go, do whatever they want? Or, the order on the surface may seem boring and boring, but there is room for ease in order, while the seemingly free will bring subsequent chaos, and it is unknown whether you can have freedom and comfort in the end. So this makes us think deeply. What we admire is not only the more abundant material foundation and social resources that the elite class has on the surface, or the potential characteristics that they can possess and maintain this strength.

Since the age of 42, there has been basically no change in their lives. Everything in life seems to have become a foregone conclusion. The children have grown up and re-education is too late, and they are too old to pursue careers and love. The aspiring young men who used to be so energetic and pointed at the rivers and lakes have become today's calm and peaceful middle-aged men with thin hair, and those once cynical girls have become middle-aged women who are now lightly commenting on their lives. At this age, the good times of life have passed. Looking back on the past, they are very surprised at how they looked when they were young. They seem to be basically satisfied with their lives today, but what if they are not satisfied? They will not regret looking at the camera. Although, in the movie, it is under the British welfare guarantee system, and the lives of those people can still be effectively protected. In our country and our current security system, if we knew when we were young, what kind of people we will live and what kind of life will we live in, would we be more confident or frustrated?

Perhaps as the person in the play said, no matter what kind of book we ourselves are, wonderful or boring, we will read it as we read it; or as the person in the game said, the so-called happiness means that we all pay Being here steadily, no bad luck was encountered; or as the people in the play said, if there is a chance to come back, they will study hard when they are young, because no one can take away knowledge, so they can control more. Life; or as the person in the play said, if you can start again, you will definitely not be as lazy as you were back then, and you will work hard to grasp every opportunity, so you can still change your entire life.

"If... if..." But there is no if in life. At this age of knowing the destiny, everything has become a foregone conclusion.

Article reprinted from the perspective of politics and business


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