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The reputation of former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as an Asian expert was questioned by a well-known Chinese scholar. The scholar said that being able to speak Mandarin does not mean that Kevin Rudd is a China expert.

According to the "Daily Telegraph" report, after losing the position of Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd has gained a large number of positions in some prestigious universities and policy research institutions in the West and China, and he intends to run for the post of Secretary-General of the United Nations to be vacated next year.

Rudd has always been proud of being fluent in Mandarin, but a Chinese scholar at a university in Beijing believes that Rudd has exaggerated his understanding of Asia and his vision of international relations, saying that his “scholarship has been exaggerated to some extent. ".


Last year, Kevin Rudd was hired by Harvard University's John F Kennedy School of Government as a senior researcher to be responsible for a research project on Sino-US relations.

Rudd is also a visiting scholar at Tsinghua University, a member of the Peking University International Strategic Advisory Committee, and the co-chair of the ChinaGlobal Affairs Council of the World Economic Forum.


Chen Changwei, an associate professor at Peking University, said that last year, he met with Rudd at a conference, and Rudd described himself as a "citizen of the world" in his speech.

As an expert on Asia-Pacific international relations, Chen Changwei said that the Chinese "academic circle" does not particularly respect Rudd, and there are many colleagues who hold the same views. They think that Rudd's scholarship is exaggerated to some extent.

Chen Changwei said that although his views do not represent those of Peking University, it is a "misunderstanding" that he believes that proficiency in Mandarin is equivalent to understanding Chinese culture. "For a long time, he has been creating an image of a scholar who is proficient in China."

However, Chen Changwei's colleague, Professor David Walker, who is the Chair Professor of Australian Studies at Peking University BHP Billiton, said Chen Changwei's remarks were "a bit harsh." "Rudd is worthy of respect for his knowledge and professionalism."


Walker said that Rudd's exchanges with China may be "a mirror image of his Australian issues." His knowledge of China is respected, and people also know that he knows more about China than many Western leaders; however, Kevin Rudd did not play a role in the process of transforming his understanding of China into words that respect China while expressing his position. What effect did it achieve, and it did not have much impact on his political career in Australia.

Walker said that on the one hand, Chinese people respect Rudd's understanding of China and proficiency in Mandarin, but on the other hand they are a little worried that he knows too much. He believes that the role played by former Prime Minister Girati’s visit to China may be greater in some respects, because she did not visit as a Chinese authority, so she can play her role in a more relaxed state.


When the media contacted Rudd, one of his spokeswoman said he was traveling and could not be reached. "It is not surprising that there are various opinions in a country as big as China," the spokeswoman said.

Article reprinted from MirrorNews, Australian Mirror


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