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The real estate boom and the boom in the stock market have helped the wealthy in Australia get richer. There are now 49 billionaires in Australia, setting a new record.

The latest BRW 10 rich list adds XNUMX new members, including retail giant Brett Blundy and Goodman Fielder co-founder Sir Patrick Goodman’s son Greg Gu Deman (Greg Goodman).

John Stensholt, editor of BRW's XNUMX Rich List, said that the newly emerging billionaires have benefited from the increased value of their equity.

"The stock market is doing well, helping some wealthy people with a net worth of 8 million or 9 million last year to pass the 10 billion mark this year."

"The stock market and the housing market are in full swing, but the mining downturn has caused some people to lose some of their assets."

Brundy has made fantastic gains in the stock market. After he listed the jewelry chain Lovisa in December 2014, his net worth soared.

He is ranked 44th on the list of the richest in Australia, with assets of 10.86 yuan, and Goodman Group, the industrial real estate kingdom of Goodman, made his family wealth reach 10.15 billion yuan, ranking 48th.


"Iron Lady" Rinehart (Gina Rinehart)'s wealth has been hit hard by the fall in iron ore prices, but she is still the richest person in Australia.

The price of iron ore fell last year, and Rinehart's wealth shrank by 60 billion. However, she still ranked first with 2015 billion in assets on the BRW 140.2 rich list in Australia. Last year, her total assets stood at 200.1 billion.

Anthony Pratt, chairman of the manufacturing giant, carton production and recycling company Visy, ranks second with 107.6 billion assets. His assets last year were 76.4 billion, but his assets have appreciated due to the good business conditions in the United States. His Pratt Industries is the largest Australian company in the United States.

Sydney real estate developer Harry Triguboff ranked third with 102.3 billion. His wealth has almost doubled from 55 billion last year. The housing market last year was strong, and his Meriton units and apartments sold very well.

Westfiled chairman Frank Lowy ranked fourth with 78.4 billion.

The fifth place is Hui Wing Mau (Hui Wing Mau), chairman of Shimao Midnight Group who lives in Hong Kong. Xu obtained an MBA degree from the University of South Australia in the early 90s, became an Australian citizen, and then went to Shanghai and Beijing to develop his real estate business.

There were 49 people on the BRW Rich List with assets exceeding one billion yuan, compared with 39 people a year ago. Three women among the billionaires have appeared on the list for the first time. Leonie Baldock and Alexandra Burt are two sisters in Perth and jointly own assets of 17 billion. They are the daughters of the late Michael Wright. Michael's father Peter was once a business partner with Rinehart's late father Lang Hancock.

Another new female billionaire is Judith Neilson, who has separated from her husband and Kerr Neilson, the founder of Platinum Asset. Her equity in Platinum is part of her fortune of 15.5 billion.

The well-known James Packer and Andrew Forrest dropped significantly due to their company's valuation decline. The small Parker ranked seventh with 60.8 billion, compared with 7 billion last year. Forrest ranked 71.9th with 29.3 billion, while last year it ranked 9 with 58.6 billion.

The total wealth of the 200 wealthy people on the list is 9747 billion yuan, a slight increase from last year's 9680 billion yuan.

19 people made the list for the first time, including technology entrepreneur Patrick Grove, who ranked 2.86th with 200 million.

News compiled from "News Limited"


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