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Which new store is the hottest in 2015? ! Which new store has the best reputation? ! what? Think Melbourne is going to these shops over and over again? Tired of eating? ! You must be joking with Xiaobian, right! ! Come on! Let the editor take you to explore the latest Melbourne in 2015! The hottest! The most popular restaurant!
No.9 Supernormal
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Supernormal is an Asian restaurant of Australian chef Andrew McConnell. The simple decoration of the store is a little bland, and people can't help worrying about the level of chefs in this store. A dish of boiled sea bream, elegant in color, boneless, no fishy, ​​and fresh and tender. With the special white soy sauce and seaweed crisp, the fish is delicious and has a long sweetness in the salty. Paired with seaweed crisps, it adds a bit of embellishment to the plain dishes. Wrap full-grained rice with seaweed crisp, gently pick up a piece of fish, add a spoonful of soy sauce, and serve it in your mouth. In the process of tasting the food, you can suddenly understand the chef's intention and dispel all doubts and worries! The bland appearance may have a supernormal heart!

Address: 180 Flinders Ln, Melbourne, VIC 3000

No.8 Lucy Liu Kitchen & Bar

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Seeing Lucy Liu's name, do you feel familiar? Yes! This open bar restaurant in Flinder Lane belongs to Hollywood Chinese actress Liu Yuling! The combination of Chinese and Western decoration does not make people feel inconsistent. There is a trace of temptation in the publicity, and a trace of calm in the temptation, just like being in a dreamlike metropolis. The neon light makes the plates of delicate food more attractive in the soft light. Whether it's fried soft shell crab with spicy namu sauce, grilled pork belly with palm caramel, or smoked squid pickled green papaya, it's not only a surprise, but it makes people feel bold and innovative!

Address: 23 Oliver Ln, Melbourne, VIC 3000

No.7 Northern Light Bar & Eatery

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The dishes of Northern Light reflect the early work experience of famous chef Adam Liston in many countries. Each dish can reflect the inspiration that Asian culture brings to him in dish creation. You may be able to taste a lamb rib with full Sichuan flavor, tender meat, and spicy red, or perhaps a honey-glazed pork belly wrapped in Thai-style miso! Although the store is small, there is no shortage of warmth! The red brick wall, the finely divided lights, the elegant and playful music, let people relax without feeling dull and boring!

Address: 3066, 102 Smith Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066

No.6 Bar Nacional

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This Spanish bar restaurant on Collin St is good at making creative San Sebastian snacks. You may be able to taste freshly baked garlic toast with a rich aroma, simmering a pot of juicy oysters, and tender beef tongue with parsnip, made with black vinegar, coriander and minced pork The meatballs are paired with a refreshing vegetable salad, or maybe the foie gras parfait is paired with a sweet but not greasy grapefruit sauce! This amazing match makes people want to try! Address: 727 Collins St, Docklands, VIC 3008


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As a Spanish restaurant, BOMBA has a good cellar of wine in Melbourne. As a symbol of Spanish cuisine, onions, tomatoes, and coriander are used by BOMBA. Although the store is not large, the host’s hospitality is everywhere. Sit by the fireplace and serve a plate of marinated grilled shrimp. Shrimp has a good texture and is marinated in olive oil and sea salt! Pour a layer of secret sauce made with onion, tomato, minced garlic and coriander, so that the sweetness of the shrimp and the rich sauce are cleverly blended! When a sip of cold white wine slides into your throat, and the lively Spanish traditional folk music is in your ears, even if it is winter in Melbourne, it cannot stop a heart that wants to embrace the warmth of the Mediterranean! All the cold was blown out by food, wine and music "Bomba"!

Address: 103 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

No.4 Uncle

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Uncle, which specializes in cooking fusion of Australian and New-School-style Vietnamese cuisine, is located in St. Kilda and has a wonderful geographical environment. It is not only loved by the Vietnamese people, but also sought after by the locals in Australia. The decoration of the wooden storefront is slightly simple and elegant. The fried pig ear burger is a must! Fresh pork ears are cut into strips, marinated in salt and pepper, powdered and fried in boiling oil. Unlike the simple tenacity of squid, the deep-fried pig ears are crunchy and delicious, with a hint of salty in the slightly spicy! It's chewy inside, but it's chewy! Paired with pickled, slightly sweet carrot shreds and lettuce, it is refreshing and greasy! Squeeze a little bit of mayonnaise, the whole burger tastes surprisingly great! Such a delicious and novel store, the price is surprisingly close to the people and then to the people!

Address: 188 Carlisle Street, Melbourne, VIC 3182

No.3 Lee Ho Fook

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How can diners who love good food have never heard of Mr. Wong who is a hit in Sydney, no matter in terms of food, decoration, or service? Mr. Victor Liong, one of Mr. Wong’s main creators, opened up a new battlefield in Melbourne after he captured Sydney! Lee Ho Fook is located on Smith St. It specializes in fusion Chinese cuisine. Since its opening in early 15 years, it has received continuous praise! The decoration is simple and clear, but without losing the atmosphere and fashion. A simple bowl of steamed eggs, seemingly unremarkable, is actually hidden in the universe. Uncovering, the fragrance is overflowing, and the warm air is blowing! Pieces of plump caviar cover the surface of the protein with crystal clearness, which makes people cannot bear to destroy this beauty. Blow away some heat gently, and use a spoon to carefully deliver it into your mouth. The egg white tastes very smooth. The moment the caviar detonates in the mouth, it feels fishy and salty. It is more satisfying for the taste buds! Eat below, there are a variety of small seafood. The soup is clear and rich! People can't help but give a thumbs up silently, and praise the chef for his excellence!

Address: 92 Smith Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

No.2 Kong BBQ

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Do you want to eat a delicious, juicy and large amount of smoked pork chops? A stack of rich honey chicken wings? Soft-shell crab cakes that coexist with spicy, crispy and tenderness? No one would have thought that Kong, a small Asian store with a slightly cartoon decoration, could beat many competitors! Ranked second in the latest hottest restaurant list in 15 years! Whether it's the rich and refreshing kimchi, the richly-flavored chicken wings, the endless aftertaste of smoked pork chops, or the generous amount of kimchi hot pot, it is all mouthwatering! Because of the attractive food and affordable prices, Kong's popularity remains high! Queuing for an hour is commonplace! However, for such a delicious bite, where is the line up?

Address: 599 Church St, Cremorne, VIC 3121

No.1 Le Bon Ton

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Yes! With an open bar, Le Bon Ton, which has a family gathering style, beats the crowd and won the first place in the latest hottest restaurant list in 15 years! Le Bon Ton, who specializes in cooking southern American cuisine, perfectly combines the local customs of Australia, combining American cuisine with Australian flavors! The signature smoked pork shoulder, after 12 hours of marinating and cooking, the taste is amazing! Gently cut the pork with a knife, the meat is still dripping with juice! The pork is marinated very tasty, yet very tender, with an open flame aroma! Take a sip of red wine, put the meat into your mouth, and let the aftertaste of the wine remaining on your tongue blend with the pork! People can't help but sigh that chewing meat is a great event in life!

Address: 51 Gipps Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066

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