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Melbourne in the southern hemisphere is about to enter June, and the weather is getting colder. What's so interesting about this winter? Hiding indoors to enjoy food, visit exhibitions to gain knowledge, or go to the market in sunny weather? Bear the brunt of the return of the Vima Night Market in June, which will make your winter night no longer lonely! There is so much fun in winter, everyone, hurry up and act!

QVM Winter Night Market

The annual Wei Ma Winter Night Market is coming back again! This year’s theme is cheese-and-wine bar, with top cheese from Bill Tzimas and wine from Robert Oatley. In addition, the highlight is of course various cuisines, street foods from more than 30 countries, such as Little Mushroom Co’s mushroom burger, Bluebonnet Barbecue’s bacon, and Hoy Pinoy’s ramen burger. In addition, the master-level 400 Gradi will also join the night market to make delicious pizzas on site. For drinks, don't miss the homemade hot apple cider from Those Girls Iced Tea. There are also many local designers showing up at the night market with their works, so that everyone can't stop eating and shopping!
Address: Queen Victoria Market, corner Victoria and Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne

Good Food & Wine Show

墨尔本是今年Good Food & Wine Show的首站城市,接下来还会在Perth, Sydney和 Brisbane举行展览。数百家本地和国际参展商,带来美食美酒新货,现场提供样品品尝,不管是菜肴还是甜食,红酒或是啤酒,真正一场办给吃货的展览!现场还有名厨和热门餐厅大显身手,以及啤酒和西打酒爱好者快快加入Dan Murphy’s Beer & Cider Hall吧。
地址:Melbourne Convention & Exhibition, Centre2 Clarendon St, South Wharf
Tickets: $34.00 for adults, $20.40 for children, please check the website for more discounts.
Website: goodfoodshow.com.au

Melbourne International Jazz Festival

In the breeze of late autumn, dancing with romantic jazz is a different kind of enjoyment. This June Melbourne Jazz Festival, which gathers master jazz musicians from all over the world, will bring you a wonderful audio-visual feast. In addition to formal performances in theaters and concert halls, there are also jazz impromptu performances in the street squares and Jazz Cafe of the city from time to time, and some of them are Free Events. After the intense study at the end of the semester, you might as well take time to listen to jazz and relax.
Address: Melbourne Jazz Ltd, 1 Blackwood St, North Melbourne
Phone: 03 9001 1388
Time: January 5-February 28
Website: melbournejazz.com/program

The Light in Winter

Melbourne’s winter is long and cold, but it can’t stop artists’ enthusiasm for creation. The Winter Light Art Festival in Federation Square will light up the entire long night. Artists from both local and global regions will create exquisite lighting installations and multimedia works of art. At the same time, there will be special celebrations on the winter solstice day, and there will be many night shows. In addition, all activities of the Winter Light Art Festival are free.
Location: Federation Square
Website: www.fedsquare.com/umbrellas/the-light-in-winter

Yarra Glen Craft Market

In the cultural capital of Melbourne, the handicrafts sold on the streets and alleys exude an artistic atmosphere. Craft Market is Australia's traditional handicraft trading market, with a history of nearly 40 years. There will be many local designers and craftsmen who will display and sell exquisite handicrafts, ranging from jewelry and household items to indigenous art. Friends who like to go to the market and Taobao will surely find many good and cheap things .
Address: 9 Armstrong Grove, Yarra Glen
Time: May 6th, 7 am-9pm
Parking: $ 4

Flavor Exchange

Those of you who have missed the Food and Wine Festival don’t have to regret it, Flavor Exhchange will also make you feast on it! In addition to having the opportunity to taste the red wine carefully brewed by Victorian winemakers, everyone can also enjoy winter-specific delicacies, such as roasted chestnuts and roasted nuts. In addition, the fruit wine and dark beer brewed with seasonal agricultural products are also very exciting. As a foodie, do you have to drool down?
Location: Federation Square
Tickets: $ 33.13
Website: www.flavourexchange.com.au

National Gallery of Victoria – A Golden Age of China

NGV is holding an exhibition called "Prosperity Qianlong", which tells the story of Qianlong, the fourth emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Emperor Qianlong was the longest-lived monarch of the Qing Dynasty, one of the most successful emperors in Chinese history, and the premier art collector in China. This exhibition will display more than 120 precious cultural relics from the Forbidden City, which is an unprecedented viewing opportunity. The collections of the Palace Museum come from the Ming and Qing dynasties and contain many of China's most precious and rare art treasures.
Address: 180 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne
Phone: 03 8620 2222
Time: As of June 6
Tickets: $18 for adults, $10 for children

Oz Comic–Con Melbourne

Australian Animation came to Melbourne this time to bring together Australian fans who love pop culture. By then, not only will there be cosplay masters from all walks of life, but also industry elites will be gathered to discuss plans for the animation industry, and will have the opportunity to get close to celebrities. Animation is not only children's entertainment, but also an industry with broad prospects and unlimited career development opportunities!
Address: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition, Centre1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf
Ticket online booking price: adult $30, child $15
Ticket reservation: embed.showclix.com/event/OzComicConMelbourne2015
Website: www.ozcomiccon.com

Shifting Gear: Design, Innovation and the Australian Car

This year’s theme is Australian cars, including old steam-driven vintage cars in the early years, exquisite and elegant antique cars and replica sports cars, and family cars suitable for family travel. Behind the design and manufacture of each car is the crystallization of the wisdom and hard work of the engineers. This is an opportunity for car lovers to broaden their horizons and conduct in-depth research.
Address: The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, 1 Swanston St, Melbourne
Phone: 03 8620 2222
When: September 5 to September 6
Tickets: $15 for adults, $7 for children

WW1 Centenary Exhibition

This year marks the centennial of World War I. The Imperial War Museum in London has sent a special curatorial team to nine countries around the world to show the world this historical event that has affected the world. Melbourne is not only the first stop in the world, but also the only city in Australia to hold the exhibition. From the first shot of the First World War to this year, for a whole hundred years, it is time to admire those precious cultural relics and truly understand the past that has affected the course of human history.
Address: Melbourne Museum, 11 Nicholson St, Carlton
电话 : 132 849
When: September 4 to September 18
Admission: $ 24.9
Website: ww1exhibition.com.au

Starry Southern Skies

The roof of the Melbourne Observatory rotates open to watch the vast starry sky. You can also use powerful and professional astronomical telescopes to explore the universe under the guidance of experts.
Address: Royal Botanic Gardens, Alexandra Avenue, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9252 2429
Tickets: $22 for adults, $18 for children

Article reprinted from Melbourne Eat


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