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The rarest bird in the world was discovered in the suburbs of Mexico City! There are only a handful of sightings worldwide.

Sparrows are one of the most common birds in the world, but have you seen pure white sparrows? Recently, in Sanctuary Lakes in the west of Mexico City, a tourist was surprised to find this "pure white little angel".

The avid birdwatcher Bob Winters has been an environmental educator in the Gould League for 20 years. He said that the probability of the appearance of pure white sparrows is extremely low, and there are only a handful of sightings worldwide.

According to Bob's estimation, this white sparrow should be no more than 8 months old. Because the white feathers are particularly conspicuous, it also loses its protective color and is easily spotted by predators. Moreover, white sparrows are so rare that other sparrows would not treat them as the same kind. At present, the local residents have taken out food and water to entertain this "white little angel".

Based on the photos already taken, Bob can't tell whether this little sparrow has albinism or leucism. "Animals with albinism have pink eyes. But their eyes are darker."

Because its feathers are white, it is impossible to distinguish its gender by the color of its shoulder feathers. So it is still unknown whether it is male or female.

Currently, the most common sparrow species in Australia is the house sparrow, which usually lives in groups of 30 to 50.

News compiled from "The Herald Sun"


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