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One of Sydney’s largest city councils, the North Sydney City Council recently eyed aUnderground brothel!This brothel was originally a massage parlor, and later there have been many illegal prostitution activities!

According to reports, the North Sydney City Council hired a private investigator to investigate this Crows NestWhite Cat, Pretending to be customers to buy spring... to penetrate into the arms of the girls to prove the fact that they illegally sold themselves.

This in the end is why?

In a lawsuit in Hornsby City Council, the City Council spent nearly10 million yuan.It is hoped that a place alleged to be an underground brothel can be closed.But after the City Council sent private detectives to buy the spring to collect evidence, the judge ruled that Hornsby City Council could not prove that the number of sexual services provided here meets the NSW definition of “brothel”, that is, there is more than one prostitute providing sexual services in a certain place.

Such a ruling may be understood as not enough detectives sent to spy on the "spring" situation.

North Sydney Mayor Jilly Gibson pointed out that nowThe spread of illegal brothelsIt has become a big problem for all local governments, affecting residential areas, schools, and small business districts. The people expressed that they could not bear it.

She also said, andLegal brothelProvide employees with "different rights, security, and safety in a working environment",Underground brothelIt is a "hotbed of exploitation"!

A survey conducted by Australian media in October last year found that White Cat employees "different pay for the same work". Although they provide the same "service", the standard charge for white women is 10 yuan per hour, while the charge for Asian women is 250 yuan less.

It is reported that White Cat, located at 5 Crows Nest Falcon Street, obtained a "massage therapy venue" license from the City Council in 1998, but three years later, a series of complaints led the North Sydney City Council to investigate it. And found that the employees here provide "Sexual services or sex-related services"As a result, a closing order was issued to it, and a closing order was issued to it again in October 2013.

An investigation in September last year found that White Cat not only ignored the two closure orders issued by the City Council, but also set up a "two-tiered charging standard" based on the ethnic background of the employees. A manager admitted when receiving customer phone enquiries, "160 yuan per hour for Asian girls and 250 yuan per hour for Australian girls. "

This situation is not good! The Coalition had promised to resolve this situation when it won the state election in 2011.

Article reprinted from Micro Sydney


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