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It’s said that there is no muscle here, you still click in

Hui often likes Bey's watch

Wow, your pants are really cool

This is the legendary Bluetooth gamepad?

I lied to you, your teeth are really white

There are indeed three eggs on the chopping board, don’t believe you count them

Coincidentally, I use the same pillowcase as yours

The airplane nose you cut is really handsome

Excuse me, this strawberry is for puppet?

Can anyone tell me if Dongdong in the lower right corner is a roll of paper

Wearing a gold chain, is it really good to show off your wealth like this?

Wow, the man in green behind is so stylish, I want to know

This owl-shaped cup is very cute.

Which iPad is in your crotch?

Foreigners have used Chinese-style pillows, and a sense of national pride spontaneously arises.

There is a big glass of milk on the coffee table, I read it right

The handle on the door is round and gold

The Mac Book next to your bed is about to fall, move it inside

This double-winged tattoo is so handsome

The one on the left is an electric toothbrush, the one on the right looks like a manual

I told you earlier that this summer, all male gods wear flip flops to go out.

This little bear is so cute

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