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Victorian primary and secondary schools launch competition to celebrate multiculturalism

Students from Victorian middle schools and primary schools will compete to participate in an audio and video creation competition called "One Team, One Goal" to celebrate Victoria's multiculturalism.

This competition requires elementary and middle school students to create video or audio advertisements related to Australian football to show their awareness of the importance of multiculturalism and to spread this message widely in the community. This competition provided the students with an excellent opportunity to combine their creativity with Australian football and generate a positive multicultural message.

Creative competition prizes include a school bonus of RMB 2500, a special edition of Australian football and tickets to the football matches during the Australian Football Multicultural Week. Australian football has played a powerful role in breaking down barriers between different ethnic communities, effectively promoting the understanding of each other’s values ​​among residents of different ethnic groups and reducing differences between communities. The state government encourages students from all Victorian schools to actively participate in this competition. Check the website for details of the competition,www.education.vic.gov.au/oneteam.

State government supports small businesses in Ballarat

The Ballarat Business Day, supported by the Victorian Government, recently opened, attracting a large number of small businesses from Ballarat and surrounding areas to actively participate.

The government hopes to promote the innovation and growth of the regional economy by holding business days. More than 200 small and medium-sized business owners who participated in this event learned about industry development trends and also obtained relevant information about marketing through social media and information technology. The holding of the business day will assist companies in accessing effective methods to improve their business and establish a business network in the local community.

Victoria currently has more than 52 small businesses, accounting for 96% of all businesses in Victoria, and more than 28% of them are located in rural and remote areas of Victoria. The employment plan launched by the Victorian government this year will drive industry growth and create 10 jobs by supporting Victorian small and medium enterprises.

Victorian government wine fair attracts overseas buyers

The first wine industry reverse trade delegation launched by the Victorian government attracted more than 150 overseas buyers from Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The buyers and investors of this trade delegation came from more than ten countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates. During the exhibition, the trade group had in-depth exchanges with more than 21 winery representatives from 100 wine producing regions in Victoria, and experienced the first-class wine industry in Victoria.

Wine is one of Victoria's main export commodities. Currently, 120 million liters of Victorian wine are sold to nearly 80 countries around the world every year. Victoria's wine industry employs more than 11500 people, with an annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan. In order to promote the development of the Victorian wine industry and create more employment opportunities, the state government's 2015-16 budget allocated 100 million yuan to formulate a Victorian wine tourism strategy and establish a ministerial advisory group for the wine industry.

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