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After the host Guillaume and his wife Jenna quit their jobs two years ago, they brought their dog Salies and decided to take a vigorous road trip.


Two years ago, the couple lived in Los Angeles. One was an engineer and the other was an administrative assistant in a film studio. In addition to being a standard science man, the husband also likes a little photography. The wife has always wanted to be a writer. When the two guys were talking on the bedside one day, suddenly, duang's blast hit the spark of life-now they don't want to live their little days! Duang, duang, and duang are inspired by fireworks on the New Year’s Eve.

They decided to quit their jobs and built a small house to travel around the country with their own hands. One took pictures and the other wrote travel notes. From then on, the two of them walked the rivers and lakes and swords, the blue breeze blew the mountains and the moon shining the river. In short, they were ready to embark on a life of adventure. .

So they built a small house and placed it behind the trailer. According to the male owner, the small house took at least 1000 man-hours, 6500 nails, and 8000 screws, for a total of 29328 dollars.

Under Construction……


Under the meticulous arrangement of the two people, Mei cried...

When I open the car, my wife reads the book behind, teasing the dog.

This is the top of the small house, a cozy bedroom.

The kitchen and bathroom cannot be less.

Compared with other RVs in the service area, it is also cute.

In the past five months, the young couple has traveled to 25 states in North America, and they plan to visit 11 other states.

If you can get a confidant, a cat and a dog in life, go to the place you want to go, and see the beautiful scenery.


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