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Summer is here, and the sisters have begun to wear all kinds of skirts, including dresses, long skirts, A-line skirts...These are very common wear, you know? Nowadays, trendy girls in foreign countries are not good at wearing skirts, they can always wear some different skirts.

Long shirt as skirt

Use a long shirt to make a skirt. The shirt itself can make you more sexy inadvertently. Wear it this way, not too sexy.

Long sweatshirt as a skirt

Long sweatshirts are simple and easy to wear as skirts. This kind of dress makes you sporty and shows youthful fashion everywhere.

Long T-shirt as a skirt

A loose T-shirt is worn as a skirt, whether it is paired with high heels or canvas shoes, it is the standard for summer travel, casual and fashionable.

Long denim shirt as skirt

Article reproduced from the exhibition Republic


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