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According to the "Sydney Morning Herald" report, the North Sydney Council took a local illegal brothel to court, and the case opened on Wednesday. This brothel is accused of implementing a two-tier pricing standard, one price for Asian prostitutes, and another set of fees for white prostitutes.

The key to the parliament's victory in this lawsuit is that it can prove that this underground brothel, White Cat, in Crows Nest, on the lower north shore of Sydney, has many people in prostitution, not one person! This is also a lesson learned from the lawsuit between the Hornsby Council and a massage parlor next door. That massage parlor is not only opened next to the elementary school tuition center, but also only 50 meters away from Hornsby Girls' High School.

In order to win the lawsuit, Hornsby City Council spent $10 to hire a private investigator to sneak into this massage parlor as an undercover agent. "Real guns and live ammunition" went into battle and had sex with a prostitute. However, in February of this year, the court ruled that the Hornsby Parliament lost the lawsuit because the parliament’s accusation that the massage parlor was engaged in sex transactions did not meet the definition of the term “brothel”, that is to say, the massage parlor had not yet reached the level of NSW "Standard definition. At least two or more prostitution establishments can be classified as a brothel. In theory, the parliament has to pay for it and hire a few more private investigators to go to the brothel for prostitution.

The Mayor of North Sydney, Jilly Gibson, said that illegal brothels are rampant and all major Sydney councils are a headache. These illegal brothels are everywhere. Residents and businesses continue to complain. The whole community can't bear it! These illegal brothels are different from regular brothels. The rights of prostitutes in regular brothels are guaranteed and the working environment is safe. But these underground brothels are different. They are "hotbeds of exploitation." The Parliament will never stand idly by and let it continue to be arrogant.

In 1998, White Cat, located at 5 Falcon Street, obtained the council's permission to operate "massage therapy". Three years later, after receiving numerous complaints, the North Sydney Council began an investigation to confirm that "sexual services or related sexual services are provided here." The North Sydney Parliament has issued two suspension orders for brothels.

However, in September last year, a "Sun-Herald" investigation found that White Cat not only ignored the North Sydney Council’s two suspension orders, but also paid different prostitutes based on ethnic background. Asian prostitutes and white prostitutes were paid differently for the same work. When pretending to be a client, a business manager confirmed the shady: "Asian girls 9 Australian dollars per hour service, Australian girls 160 Australian dollars an hour".

When canvassing for the NSW general election in March, NSW Premier Mike Baird promised that he would let the NSW Parliament improve the supervision of illegal brothels in NSW. However, now that the general election has passed, the Baird government has not seen any movement. On Friday, its spokesperson said that details of the parliament’s improvement of its sex industry monitoring will be announced soon.

In Hornsby Local Court on Thursday, the defendant did not enter a plea. On June 6, the case will be heard in the Downing Central District Court in Sydney.

News compiled from "Sydney Morning Herald"


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