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The result of the resurgence of old feelings is to repeat the same mistakes. One day, I will point to the heart and tell you proudly, here, there is a change.

If you are coming at four o'clock, then I will be happy at three o'clock. This is love.

I used to be very afraid of offending people, dare not ask, dare not say the wrong thing, afraid of being ignored, afraid of the other party being unhappy, and facing everyone with sincerity. Unfortunately, I did not get the corresponding respect. Later, I began to pamper and accommodate myself. I will go first if you are late. I don't want to do it. I will play with my mobile phone in the cold. I only care about my personal feelings. Others are my shit. Then I found that I was not only valued, but also happier. ——Yi Xiaoshu

Looking up at the stars, I want to know: Is anyone coming towards me from somewhere in the world? Like light, from one star to another.

Don't drink when you are in a bad mood, and don't look back when you are leaving. ——Xu Lingzi

A person will always fall in love with that person in his life. He may not be so good. You just happen to like that kind of good. One point of his concern makes you give up very sweet words, one point of frank renunciation is very swearing, and one point of care makes you win the world. This is called preference. Because of preference, I will go my own way. There is no reason, just because only he can fill the missing corner of your soul. —— Gu Xijue

You don’t need to eat too well, dress well, live well, but you must be free, feel no pressure, do not work as a slave, not dominated by fame and fortune, have like-minded partners, lively and lovely children, well-clothed and well-fed, it is already ideal . ——Yi Shu "Ideal Life"

Article reproduced from Visual Journal


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