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Internet access on the plane is really going to become a reality! The reporter learned from China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. yesterday that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has approved and agreed: "Using the Asia-Pacific No. 6 satellite communications system, in accordance with the application for domestic routes and international specific routes , To carry out the KU-band aviation airborne communication business test. During the test period, China Eastern Airlines can provide Internet access services to cabin users.” According to this, China Eastern Airlines became the country’s first and the largest in the country that can provide both domestic and international flight passengers with “air Internet access”. "Airlines serving. However, China Eastern Airlines said that although everything is ready now, the specific service routes and whether charges will be announced will be announced after a certain period of time.

In 2014, China Eastern Airlines became the first airline in the country to obtain the qualification for in-flight Internet commercial testing approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Civil Aviation Administration of China. From July 2014 to September 7, 23, China Eastern Airlines completed the in-flight Internet test operation and became the first domestic airline to use KU-band satellites to achieve air-ground interconnection. China Eastern Airlines and China Telecom have overcome the technical barriers of "three roads and one bridge" for air-ground interconnection services, realizing real-time air payment functions, and solving information security, network security, payment security, data security, aviation security and other issues. It is reported that China Eastern Airlines has been approved to provide 9 "air internet" aircraft, ranking first in the country, and all of them are wide-body long-range aircraft.

Because of the use of satellite communication technology, China Eastern Airlines' "Internet access in the air" can cover international and domestic flights.

So, which routes will these 21 aircraft fly? According to reports, specific routes have not yet been officially announced, but these 21 aircraft are mainly the newly introduced Boeing 777-300er aircraft. This type of aircraft mainly serves North American routes, which means that North American routes will have "air Internet" services, while domestic flights , Fly the Beijing-Shanghai route during the air Internet test operation.

Is there a charge for "Internet access in the air"?

During the "Internet surfing in the air" test period, the Internet is free for passengers. And will there be any charges for the "Internet in the air" service on the 21 aircraft that will be officially launched? Eastern Airlines has not disclosed its operating model, whether it will rely on passenger charges or advertising revenue has not yet been determined. It is understood that the cost of implementing air-ground interconnection services on an airplane is more expensive. The reporter learned that the cost of modifying an aircraft is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. At the same time, the cost of renting traffic is not low.

However, flight Internet access is generally the direction of development, and there are many demands for my country's local airline network. Taking the Beijing-Shanghai line as an example, the daily transportation volume can reach XNUMX to XNUMX people. Passenger payment may not become the main profit point, and "on the air" may gain greater value for the public. Moreover, on flights with the function of "Internet access in the air", if there is an emergency, such as a patient who needs emergency rescue at high altitude, the staff can promptly conduct an open-ground video consultation with the ground medical unit.

Article reprinted from the Morning News


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