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On May 5th, the "Australia Chinese Community Council" regular meeting was held in the Speaker's Room of the Victorian Parliament House.

Participants in this meeting are:

The Chairman of the Advisory Board

Chairman of Executive Committee (Chairman of Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Australia) Yang Chang

Former Liberal Party Member of the House of Lords Chen Zhibin

The Victorian Governor’s Multicultural Affairs Advisor, Mei Wei

Victorian Multicultural Commission Commissioner Liu Xiufeng, Australian Medal of Honor recipient

Melbourne Hongmen Democratic Party Speaker Wu Songda

Professor Lin Xiu

Content of meeting

  1. Discuss the specific details of the "2015 Australia-China Community Council National Conference". This conference will be dedicated to breaking the "bamboo ceiling phenomenon" that restricts the development of Chinese in Australia.
  2. The Chinese were forced to walk the long road from South Australia to Victoria because of the "head tax" imposed on Chinese in Victoria XNUMX years ago. Only by remembering history can we move forward better.
  3. The state government proposed that half of the board of directors of government and enterprises should be women, and we will strive to include Chinese women on influential boards.
  4. Successfully lobbied the government to provide special funds to purchase land in Melbourne's southeast to build their own nursing homes for the Chinese

Aohua Community Council 2015 National Conference Brochures, Posters, Call for Papers


The picture shows Chen Zhibin (left) and Lin Meifeng (right)


From left to right: Wu Songda, Liu Xiufeng, Chen Zhibin, Lin Meifeng and Mei Su


The picture shows Yang Chang (first from left) and Professor Lin Xiu (first from right)

Details of the 2015 National Convention of the Aohua Community Council


Saturday, March 9


RMIT University, 445 SwanstonStreet Building80, Level 1, Room 80.1.02

payment method

1. Online payment:

http://cccavic2015.eventbrite.com.au (请在确认支付的界面输入您的个人信息,包括姓名电话,邮箱和邮寄地址)

2. Transfer:

Account Name: Chinese Community Council of Australia (Victorian Chapter)

BSB: 013259

Account Number: 4827 18292

3. Check:

Account Name: Chinese Community Council of Australia (Victorian Chapter)

Postal Address: PO Box 5085, Clayton, VIC 3168

Contact: Wang Jingyuan (03) 9018 7336 [email protected]

Article reproduced from Victoria Australia China Community Council


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