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According to "smh" reports, as more and more newspaper readers turn to online news, News Corp. has begun to reduce the distribution of its newspaper mX for people on the road.

People who come home from get off work need to find something else to read on the train. (Picture: smh)

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. said on Thursday that it would close mX Daily, which sells mainly in the train platforms and CBD areas in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

mX staff have received news that mX will stop issuing within two weeks. News Corp. said in a statement, “This decision was made mainly because people commuting to and from work have changed their reading habits. They now use mobile phones or other electronic devices to read news more. News Corp. will continue to invest in numerous printed reading materials. As well as digital products, millions of Australians buy and read these books and information every day."

A total of 30 full-time journalists in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane will be affected. It is not clear how many of them will lose their jobs.

At the same time, the company invested 20 Australian dollars to develop a smartphone software and its corresponding website.

The newspaper was first published in Melbourne in 2001, and then quickly expanded to major cities such as Sydney and Brisbane.

News compiled from "Sydney Morning Herald"


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