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Hey. . . . The editor of this news is really frustrated. . . .

There will be a big parade in Vancouver this Sunday. Some netizens said that I would go to the parade on the 24th and raise a sign to send off corrupt officials and illegal businessmen. Who else will go?

What I want to say is that although you are holding this brand, based on the comprehensive analysis of the information collected from Chinese and foreign media in the past two weeks, most of the targets this time are aimed at Chinese. Be careful when you go, although there are many Chinese. Also a victim. . .

You must know that there are always people who have a bad life, gender, race, religion, rich and poor. . . Politicians use these to win votes; while the economic downturn, politicians have no moves, and Hispanics use the banner of housing prices to put their backs and shift the sentiments of the people. This kind of detrimental move is most likely to cause racial problems. . . .

It’s really not to scare you.

People are veterans when playing politics, don't believe me. . . .

Housing prices in Metro Vancouver have soared, and the beautiful governor’s remarks have ignored the 2 petition signatures. The anger of Vancouver’s locals is hard to vent all week. . . Therefore, demonstrations will be launched in Vancouver over the weekend. This will also be the first demonstration in Vancouver to call on the middle class to protest high housing prices.


Jian Huizhi made it clear that although high property prices make it unaffordable for many people, if taxation and other methods are used to restrict foreign buyers from buying houses, property prices will fall, which will also be detrimental to many people.

After the remarks were disclosed, readers’ message boards in English media were almost full of doubts. Some people asked her whether she was from an alien planet. Others criticized that those who can’t afford a house are not necessarily the first buyers. To live in an old house, everyone hopes that property prices will fall.

Housing prices no longer only affect the ordinary people or the poor who want to own a home. Even those who have a home will worry that the next generation will not be able to keep their own home.

Many people feel the increasingly serious market injustice, especially young people under the age of 40 or first-time buyers who are most affected by high housing prices, and many middle-class people are also struggling to buy houses and support their families.

The initiator of the rally Eveline Xia also said that this wave of price increases has caused many people to turn their anger towards Chinese buyers, and Chinese Canadians have also been labeled, but many people have forgotten that not wealthy Chinese are also victims of this wave of high housing prices. By.

The demonstration is scheduled to gather in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery at 24 noon on the 12th, and the activity time is about 2 hours.

Driven crazy by the house, the hatred of young people in Vancouver overflows

According to the OECD report, in most advanced economies, the burden of job instability falls mainly on young people, which puts them at greater risk of falling into poverty than the older generation.

Vancity announced that the prices of various types of houses will increase by 4.87% per year in the future, but wages will only increase by 0.6-3.2%.

This huge difference will only make young people increasingly unable to afford living in Metro Vancouver and move to surrounding areas.

According to the British Columbian government, only positions such as senior business managers and construction managers can have enough wages to allow young people to afford mortgages in Metro Vancouver.

All crazy! BC house prices skyrocketed by 13%, government scolded

David Soo Chan: Thank you for your racism. . despise. . . (Thanks for being racist (slow clap))

Foreign Investment in Vancouver Real Estate: Shamelessly absurd, is it reasonable that Vancouver is the most expensive city in the world? Don't you even consider the P/E ratio? Don't we pay your salary? Shouldn't you come to listen to the demands of tax-paying citizens and collect data on foreign investment excessively? If there is no such data, the market is false. . .

GDI: Remarks for death. . . To tell you, whether you are working at McDonald’s for $10.50/hour or a government minister with an annual salary of $150K$/year, you are a fucking person who should serve the people. Do your work well and listen to the voices of those you serve.

dmoney: Damn, these politicians are all out of touch. The price is reasonable. . . A bunch of foreigners bought a bunch of luxury houses in West Vancouver that were unoccupied and contributed to the economy. . . What a big joke. . .
Chinese take cash to grab a room

Vancouver is no longer able to grab, and now even the surrounding real estate is not let go.

However, the Chinese hot rush can at least explain one problem, that is, many buyers can afford relatively large loans, or new immigrants with cash, the down payment reaches at least 35%, and some even exceed 50%. . . .

According to globalnews, the Kelowna real estate market in the Okanagan region around Metro Vancouver has seen rapid growth in recent months. Local real estate developers have found that most of these emerging buyers who are looting and buying properties are overseas Chinese. People or Chinese from Metro Vancouver.

Randy Shier, President of Mission Group Homes Real Estate, pointed out that due to the effects of the establishment of the University of British Columbia branch, local rental units are very popular. The current rental vacancy rate is less than 1%. At the same time, the buyer structure of properties in Kelowna is also It is changing. Almost all the people who come to Okanagan to buy houses are a new group of consumer groups.

According to Randy Shier's observation, he personally believes that the buyers who are now rushing into the Kelowna area to snap up houses are actually a group of investors who are speculating about the Vancouver housing market.

The whole street of Wenxi House sold crazy and raised the price twice

The real estate market in Metro Vancouver continues to be hot and the number of listings remains high. In addition, the listed government allows some land close to main streets to be re-planned. . .

For example, in the past, only detached houses could be built, but now high-rise residential buildings can be rebuilt. Therefore, there is a phenomenon of fire: group sales! That is, the whole street is sold by the same broker, and they are packaged and sold at the same time.

In Vancouver’s Oak and Granville Avenues, almost all houses in one block are listed together. The real estate agent for multiple houses is the same person, using the “land combination” method to sell the houses because the seller’s acquisition is more than twice the estimated price. Much price.

Global BC reports that in the past, developers usually lobbyed house by house; however, recently some real estate agents have taken the initiative and used the form of packaging to persuade the owners of the entire estate to sell collectively, and the price far exceeds the market price as an incentive .

Chinese investors keep pushing up housing prices

An article from vancouversun in March pointed out that David Mulroney, the former Canadian ambassador to China and senior foreign policy adviser to the former prime minister, questioned in the new book that China's hot money has entered the Canadian market in large quantities, which has brought adverse effects on Canadian real estate. He put the blame for the high housing prices in the two popular cities of Toronto and Vancouver on Chinese buyers.

He believes that these "offshore" real estate investments brought by the Chinese have not only failed to bring economic benefits to Canada, but have increased the burden of housing purchases for local Canadians, causing local residents in Toronto and Vancouver to be unable to afford affordable housing. House price.

He also pointed out that the Canadian government should close the door to those former government officials from China to prevent them from using corrupt money to buy houses in Canada.

The National Post quoted data from the US Global Financial Integrity Agency as saying that during the nine years from 2002 to 2011, a total of US$9 billion illegally flowed from China to other countries. The Globe and Mail, which is closely related to the Conservative Party, often ridicules when reporting Chinese home buyers buying houses in Canada, saying that Chinese home buyers are the latest "commodities" exported from China to Canada.

High housing prices overwhelm all kinds of people, fears rise

The Bank of Canada warned of corrective risks in the scattered markets of Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary. Not much to heed this warning right now.

According to the news released by the real estate business WestStone Properties, their construction in Surrey sold three hundred apartment units in one day, which is equivalent to XNUMX million Canadian dollars-but this construction project will be completed in three years. Buyers include first-time home buyers, parents who buy homes for their children, and buyers from the United States, Canada, and overseas.
The predicament of acquiring housing not only troubles the poor, but the middle class is also challenged. The county and city officials did not fully understand this, and focused on the housing of homeless people and low-income households.

Vancouver Sun columnist Barbara Yaffe said that he received many emails and pointed out that the middle class is seriously concerned about the activities of overseas buyers. They believe that overseas buyers are the main reason for the soaring house prices and crowding out locals.

The last sentence: The above information has been engraved in the minds of local people. In the short term, don't expect them to get out of the haze of Chinese raising housing prices. However, demonstrations are also your right, restraint and pay attention to safety.

Article reprinted from Canada West Net


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