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Australia is now autumn, and on such a sunny morning, people in Sydney came to the beautiful Bondi Beach, enjoying the breeze, and taking a pleasant stroll.

Location: Bondi Beach, a famous tourist destination in Sydney
Time: an autumn morning
Character: A bunch of foreigners, an uncle with a Chinese face

The foreigners were spreading cloth on the beach, walking, and suddenly smelled a smell of smoke. They saw a middle-aged uncle with a "Chinese face" in a gray coat suffocating clouds and fog.


smokes? What's so strange!

However, this uncle does not have ordinary cigarettes, but a water pipe made of mineral water bottles. This can make foreigners look dumbfounded.

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Roland Walker, a foreign photographer who was also taking pictures at Bondi beach, told the Daily Mail reporter that the uncle did not care about the strange gazes of others, and the people around turned their heads to look at him.

It turned out that this uncle came to Bondi Beach with another group of people. Photographer Walker said they should be tourists. A group of people were smoking cigarettes. Only this uncle came up with such a weird thing. This thing is made of a plastic mineral water bottle filled with some water, and then connected to an ordinary cigarette with a tube.


Foreigners say that we have never seen such a fun thing when we were born! Can this thing be used to smoke? !


Other foreigners said that Bondi Beach is a clean place and the air is so fresh, how can you smoke so enjoyable here!

"Daily Mail" said that this should be Chinese culture!

Article reprinted from Australia News


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