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Use your life to "ride" the Overlord car! The man actually hoisted himself out of the tram with one hand. This kind of "stunt" ride made all the passing drivers drunk.

A thrilling scene appeared on the bustling streets of Mo City. The man did not forget to show his "stunt" while "riding" in the Overlord car. I saw him grab the tram with one hand, hanging himself from the car, and chatting with passing drivers from time to time.

According to a video taken at about 4:XNUMX pm last Saturday, a man made the above-mentioned amazing act on Brunswick St in Fitzroy.

The driver who filmed the video was named Tyler Nguyen. He then followed the tram and had a brief exchange with the man who was hanging outside the car.

Tyler jokingly said, "Dude, you are bold enough to hang out of the car with one hand! Drive this car faster and you'll be over, can you bring your head when you go out?" According to Tyler's description, the man was very intoxicated by himself. In his bold behavior, he even threw a can on the street.

The police said that they had not received a report on the incident, and the tram driver was probably not aware of the crazy behavior of the passenger.

Such a desperate move once again reminded the relevant departments to impose more severe penalties on this kind of stimulation-seeking behavior.

It is reported that if the man is caught, he will face a fine of up to 362 Australian dollars. If the circumstances are not very serious, a fine of 74 Australian dollars has to be paid.

The Victorian Liberal Party appealed that the government should immediately increase penalties for such incidents. The Liberal Party’s Attorney General John Pesutto said, “If the fine is increased by two to three times, these desperate guys will not dare to act so recklessly.

News compiled from "Taiwan 9"


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