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The following are the details of the visa fee changes announced by the Australian Immigration Department:

1. Visas that have risen in line with Australia's inflation rate (2.3%): Skilled immigration, graduate visa, 457 work visa, tourist visa and student visa category rose by 2.3%.

2. Temporary business visas, entertainment visas, working holiday visas, resident return visas, retirement investment visas, and paying parent immigrant visa categories rose by 5%.

3. The application fee for other family members (the last family member category, the care category, the elderly care category) visa and the non-paying parent immigrant visa has increased by 10%. The Australian government believes that the application fee for these visas will not affect them even if they increase. Number of applications.


In addition, the inconsistency between the domestic and overseas visa fees for some visa categories will be changed and will remain the same afterwards.

Electronic Travel Authorities, eVisitor, refugee and humanitarian visa categories are not affected by this visa fee reform.


See the official website for details : http://www.immi.gov.au/pub-res/Documents/budget/VAC-increases-fact-sheet.pdf

Starting from July 7, the new SIV policy will also be implemented. The new SIV visa program changes include:

1. Foreign investors need to invest at least AUD 50 or 10% of the total investment in compliant venture capital funds or private equity funds, which focus on start-ups and small unlisted companies. The government expects this number to rise to at least A$100 million in two years

2. Investors need to invest at least A$150 million through management funds or listed investment companies in emerging companies registered on the Australian Securities Exchange.

3. Invest 300 million Australian dollars of funds through management funds or listed company investment in other fields such as other ASX listed companies, eligible corporate bonds or notes, annuities and real estate (however, the investment capital of residential real estate shall not exceed this item 10% of the investment amount).

See the official website for details:http://www.austrade.gov.au/invest/significant-investor-visa-and-premium-investor-visa-programmes

Article reproduced from Sydney Today


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