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According to a report by the "Central News Agency" on the 29th, a source from the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare said that the Ministry of HealthShapingThe surgeon investigates market conditions and publishes the cost of plastic surgery for foreigners in Korea on relevant websites, so as to prevent some from coming to KoreaPlastic surgeryOf foreign tourists were "slaughtered".
According to the report, the www.medicalkorea.or.kr website will provide information on the cost of diagnosis and treatment of 8 detailed operations on 45 body parts, as well as the time required for the operation and recovery time.
This cosmetic reference list will include items such as the cost of double eyelid surgery from 120 to 150 million won, the operation time from 30 minutes to 1 hour, and the recovery time from 1 week.
The South Korean government believes that some medical institutions’ “ripping off people and killing people” have an adverse effect on attracting foreigners to South Korea for medical treatment, so it has decided to provide foreigners with information on plastic surgery.
Because foreigners don’t know enough about medical fees in Korea, medical institutions often charge high intermediary fees or medical fees.
The Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea stated that the cost of medical treatment for foreigners includes translation services, so it is generally 1.5 times higher than that of Korean outpatients. Starting this month, medical Korea’s Chinese website will publish information on plastic surgery diagnosis and treatment costs. It is expected that services will be available in English, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic by mid-June.

Article reprinted from China News Network


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