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Australians will be asked if they want to tighten the naturalization test and add more questions about allegiance to the country, unified values ​​and the rule of law, as part of the "national dialogue" initiated by the federal government on the privilege of being Australians.

The government is considering whether it should completely change the naturalization test, adding more questions about values ​​and the rule of law, as well as standardized English requirements. In addition, the naturalization oath is also likely to be reformed.
The government is trying to expand its efforts to combat extremism and maintain the country’s social cohesion. This national dialogue may include reminding citizens born in Australia that they are also bound by these regulations.

Albert on Tuesday encouraged the creation of a culture that creates a new sense of respect and pride for what it means to be an Australian and the rights and duties of a citizen.
"The oath of naturalization must not be empty talk." The Prime Minister said, "This is an issue we must discuss."

Former Minister of Immigration Philip Ruddock was once appointed as the special ambassador for citizen and community engagement. He pointed the finger at this discussion, saying that Australians have always been broad-minded about accepting immigrants, but they have to admit that this It is a "double-edged sword."

Lei Duo told The Australian: "We respect the diversity of people, we respect their cultural traditions, we respect their religious beliefs, and we only ask them to recognize that our social operations have certain core values, and we Don't plan to deviate from them."

The government confirmed on Tuesday that it will amend the Nationality Act to give the Minister of Immigration Peter Dutton the discretion to deprive dual citizens of Australian citizenship for participating in terrorist acts. Albert said these efforts "All to fight against terrorism." "There are many Australians — about 100 people — who are fighting overseas with terrorist organizations in the Middle East; four to five of them have dual citizenship."

Under these measures, dual nationals will not be allowed to return to Australia.

Proposals for nationality reforms, especially the idea of ​​depriving second-generation Australians of citizenship, caused disagreements in the Federal Cabinet on Monday.

Now, this issue will be discussed in detail in a discussion document to understand the degree of support for this proposal from all walks of life, and to encourage Australians to reconsider what it means to be an Australian citizen-in Leiduo’s words, the situation "reiterated The nature of our society".

Reiduo and the government council secretary Concetta Fierravant-Wells will co-lead the community consultation work, including visits to various parts of Australia. "I think the government obviously believes that it is necessary for people to understand when they are naturalized in Australia or acquired Australian citizenship at birth, that they may lose it, and what elements are your understanding of citizenship commitments, especially when upholding the rule of law. important."

Article reprinted from Australian News Network


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