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The Albert administration has always been a follower of the United States, but this time it is unwilling to participate in the US military deployment in the Asia-Pacific region because the situation in the South China Sea is tense and it dares not offend China.


Recently, former Foreign Minister Bob Carr said: “We can’t talk to the United States on certain things. Albert is a pragmatist. There is money on the Chinese side. We must have a good relationship. There is no way to sell our American brothers.” Carr now He is the dean of the School of Sino-Australian Relations at the University of Technology Sydney. He suggested that Albert and China should have a good relationship and not be subject to the United States.640-12

Reconciliation with China is a matter of time

The United States has gradually returned to the Asia-Pacific in recent years and actively encouraged Australia to join the Pacific defense chain in an attempt to help Japan occupy the Senkaku Islands and the East China Sea. The U.S. military is sending more and more troops to Darwin Port, and it is recommended to AustraliaAircraft and warships built to guard against China.

The Assistant Secretary of Defense David Shear claimed that: China and the United States have conflicts of interest in both the East China Sea and the South China Sea. In order to restrain Chinese power, the United States is actively trying to increase "visible" military deployments in conflict areas.640-13

There were rumors last week that the B1 strategic missile would be deployed in northern Australia, but Albert quickly rejected the rumors. Carr said: "Whether the sea belongs to Vietnam, the Philippines, or China, it does not matter to Australia. It is a wise choice to stand by."

Several major Australian iron ore exporters BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, FMG, and Citic, which rely on sea transportation, were afraid to respond to this matter. But Carr said: “Australians highly believe that if they do not support China, every step of their economic relations with China will be threatened.”

Hypothesis: What are the consequences of Australia's choice?

Carr believes that the United States and Australia are brothers after all, and they generally do not treat Australia like that. Believe that Albert is explaining to the United States, "We are mixing with you, and we won't get any benefits if we win." Australia exported 900 billion worth of goods to China last year, of which 505 billion was iron ore, and imported 500 billion worth of goods from China. The imports and exports of Australia and the United States are 287 billion and 118 billion respectively.640-14

Conflict of interest

The United States is urging Australia to fulfill its responsibilities as a great power, otherwise there will be no rumors that B1 will be deployed to Australia. There are also two views in the United States at this time. Some understand Australia's situation, and some think that Australia does not speak loyalty.

Carr believes: “Australia has the right to make choices based on its own interests, and Albert is understandable in safeguarding national interests. Perhaps this is the first attempt by the Australian government, as a follower of the United States, to focus more interests on itself rather than on the United States. Albert's rejection of the US proposal and joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in China further demonstrated this position."0

Article reprinted from AusTime


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