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The Victorian Building Regulatory Agency used its compulsory power to inspect 170 high-rise apartments in Melbourne, and these apartments were suspected of using flammable exterior wall coatings during the construction process.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) announced that it will issue an audit notice to the builders and participants of 170 residential projects, warning those who do not cooperate with the authorities may face prosecution.

The VBA stated that the goal of the audit is to target more than 3 floors of residences, which are required to use non-combustible exterior wall coatings. Previously, the Lacrosse building in Docklands was caused by the rapid spread of apartment fire last year due to the coating of the exterior wall made in China.

Since the fire in the Docklands Building, people have expressed strong concerns about how many apartment buildings use such building materials that cannot pass the CSRIO flammability test.

VBA has used the right to force the builder LU Simon to find two other buildings in Melbourne that use the cheap building materials called "Alucobest".

They also sent 20,000 letters to professionals in the industry such as architects, builders, surveying and mapping engineers, hoping that they could voluntarily help trace the other two buildings using cheap Chinese building materials.

Last week, David Youssef, deputy director of the Metropolitan Fire Department, stated at an industry seminar that the MFB "procedures cannot foresee this fire."

"We always like to estimate the risks in the environment in advance, but sometimes we are dumbfounded. I think this is the case with exterior wall materials."

China's building materials are sold all over the world. This incident is only a case. I hope that the government will not make a fuss and start restricting the import of Chinese building materials. After all, all walks of life in Australia are completely inseparable from China.

Article reprinted from Weixin News-Australia


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