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On August 2011, 8, local time in Italy, Yang Zi and Huang Shengyi walked the red carpet at the opening of the 31th Venice Film Festival (data map)

Tencent Entertainment News (article/Xiao Fangfang) Not long ago, Yang Zi’s father had a funeral, and netizens exposed photos of Huang Shengyi wearing a Ma Daixiao, and Huang Shengyi had a three-year-old child beside him. It has been said that Yang Zi and Huang Shengyi have a son, but the two have never admitted. On May 5, Yang Zi attended the launch of the reality show on Liaoning Satellite TV and acquiesced to the news that Huang Shengyi had a child, and said that the non-disclosure was all because the child was too young. He also praised Huang Shengyi for his responsibility. Having been under pressure alone for so many years, Yang Zi also hinted that Huang Shengyi could not be given an official status. He expressed regret.

At the press conference, reporters asked questions about Huang Shengyi and Dai Xiao. In response, Yang Zi tactfully replied: "At that time, there were many people wearing filial piety and filial piety. There were almost XNUMX middle and high-level people. Everyone knows that Juli Group is our family business, and all the people and Juli Group's growth are mutually exclusive. ."

Regarding the three-year-old child next to Huang Shengyi on the day of the funeral, Yang Zi was silent for a while, saying: "I am not an insincere or indirect person in my heart. The child is too small, and it is our responsibility to give them a complete and broad living space. Too much talk, In any case, it has a particularly big impact on their childhood life. I chose not to talk about it, mainly to protect the growth space of the two underage children and a carefree childhood."

Yang Zi admits that as a father, there will be a lot of worries about the speech in front of the public. "I don't want the emotional world of adults to affect the growth of children. I think that others can bear such a large and many years of pressure. No one else will say a word. , The purpose is to create a carefree childhood for children, so wait a few years. We are all willing to create a carefree childhood for children for several years or more than ten years with our own responsibility and responsibility."

Article reprinted fromTencent Entertainment


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