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I heard that in Australia these past two days it was rumored that the Chinese were speculating on Australian housing prices, and some extremists went somewhere to make troubles. After I heard that, I really couldn't bear it.

Australia, what on earth are you in? ? ? ? Even the mayor of Lane Cove can’t stand it, he came out to speak for us Chinese

Do you know what China means to Australia’s development

Let me talk about education first. Chinese students account for 28.5% of the total number of Australian students. Basically, the tuition fees of foreign students support local students.

Now not only universities are targeting Chinese people, but Australian high schools are also targeting Chinese people.

If there are no Chinese students, how can Australian universities expand their campuses and open branch campuses?

You owe China a "thank you"!

How many Chinese tourists visit Australia every year! And when we Chinese come to Australia to travel, we will never be soft, luxury, buy! Health products, buy! Souvenirs, buy!

You are making Chinese money, but you are still not satisfied with this or that. What do you mean by that?

You owe China a "thank you"!

Let's talk about investment. Sheraton and Hilton are all in their pockets, and the Fish Market is also Chinese helping to expand. Have you seen it?

If China does not invest and these hotels cannot continue to operate, how many people will be unemployed in Australia? Where do people who come to Australia live! ! Where do you buy fish?

You owe China a "thank you"!

Not to mention the influence of China on the Australian real estate industry. Even the Australian media has admitted that the Chinese departure will hit the Australian real estate market hard. What civilian commercial use, we in China have no less investment!

What Li Ka-shing's Prosperity Asset

Wang Jianlin's Wanda

Xu Jiayin's Evergrande

Which one is not to sell lavishly. You are not happy if there is less investment in the mine. You are still not happy when we invest in real estate. What are you going to do?

You owe China a "thank you"!

The Chinese have also greatly helped you in the Australian entertainment industry. Cinemas have been acquired, shopping malls have also been taken, and even casinos have prepared private jets for the Chinese. You said that the Chinese are not important to you!

Isn't it enough to make our money?

You owe China a "thank you"!

Let's talk about the pillar of Australia's national economy-the mining industry. In the past, Australia exported a large amount of minerals to China, and the economic growth was just a drop! Western Australia wants to be independent because it has money!

Let you see that the Australian government websites all use Chinese to welcome Chinese investment

Now that China’s demand for minerals is low, look at what the Australian economy is like. The Australian dollar is weak, interest rates are falling, and the government is reducing its budget. In the end, it is not the people who suffer!

You owe China a "thank you"!

There is also the public infrastructure related to Australia's livelihood plan. What is Australia's participation in the AIIB? It is not for China to use money for Australia to build it!

Let you see, this train is made in China!

Without China, Australia’s city rail can only always becity ​​failNow!

You owe China a "thank you"!

As for Australia’s health products and milk powder, we in China have spared no effort to support it! Tell us how much revenue we have to bring to the Australian government to buy these things this year!

If we are not so supported by the Chinese, who will sell health care products? Who sells milk powder? Are you staying in Australia waiting to deteriorate? Or is it used to wash milk powder bath?

You owe China a "thank you"!

Even the farms and wineries have been taken care of by the Chinese people. They came to invest in cattle raising and winemaking!

Without the huge market of China, who would you give your beef to? Who do you drink your red wine for, do you have to boil it?

You owe China a "thank you"!

China's investment in Australia's energy will never be soft

What power grid, natural gas, you need, we China will invest money! I will help you!

You owe China a "thank you"!

Let’s talk about Australia’s cultural life. How many cultural activities have we Chinese added to Australians?

Light Show in Darling Harbour

Sydney Morning Herald to celebrate the Chinese New Year

Confucius Classroom in Sydney School

Landmark China Town

A Chinese restaurant that Australians love

Without us, do you know what Chinese New Year is? What is a lantern festival? What is Confucian culture?

Where do you go to eat such authentic and delicious Chinese food?

You owe China a "thank you"!

When you use our money. . . .

The editor sent the link to an Australian friend, even he couldn't stand it!

Editor said
Who said that the Chinese are speculating on housing prices?

Who organized this absurd "protest" with such "ulterior motives"?

Who is so "racist" who repeatedly attacked us Chinese?

Tell you, Australians can’t afford a house and it’s nothing to do with the Chinese. Put away your ridiculous remarks

And Australians, you owe a "thank you" to China!

Article reprinted from Micro Sydney


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