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1) Big waves in the sky

2) Come on

3) Gentle clouds

4) Devour the whole city

5) Storm in Nebraska at sunset.

6) Tubular cloud





7) Dense lightning


        8) A storm is approaching at Cape York, Australia.


        9) The thickest lightning ever seen


        10) Snow mountains in the sky


        11) Is it a prelude to the coming of the devil?


        12) Flying saucer cloud


        13) The reversed sea


        14) Morning glory cloud.It is a rare meteorological phenomenon.No one knows the reason for its formation, and it usually only occurs in central and northern Australia.


        15) Volcanic ash lightning.Also known as a dirty thunderstorm, this is a weather phenomenon, lightning within the volcanic ash.





16) A rare tornado is coming?


        17) A storm in Brighton, Colorado.


        18) Amazing lightning storm in Texas.


Article reprinted from Popular Photography Club


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